MBA & Master Degree in 1 year

Get Your Dual Degree While Living in 2 Countries IBSA Program

Set up your own dual degree

Choose in Which Country You Want to Study Your Core Modules and Which out of 7 Specialization You Want IBSA DDM

7 Different Specializations

Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Logistics, Human Resource Management Specializations

2 Degrees

Ours is the right program to get both a Business or Economics Master’s and that MBA you’ve been dreaming about.

2 Countries

Build global experience in this unique program set in your choice of 2 different countries and amongst 7 degree specializations!

1 Year

Earn two business master’s degrees from your preference of 7 accredited universities in just one year!

Get Your MBA & Master's Degree With IBSA

Choose One Out of Seven Specializations and Study With Classmates From All Over The Globe
In One Year, Get a Dual Degree Abroad With Us!

In One Year, Get a Dual Degree Abroad With Us!

Join the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program and take advantage of a unique opportunity to study business and economics in an international context - start in one country to complete the first term and move on to another foreign setting to complete the second term. To do this, we offer you the choice of 7 specializations in 7 countries. Join us now!


Robert Shares How our Program is Unique

Robert Sheldon, Academic Director of the IBSA study course at Novancia Business School Paris, identifies the valuable features of the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program – from the international exposure to the profound element of the master’s thesis, our students can expect a competitive and comprehensive educational experience that will add impact and distinct significance to their future careers.

Melanie Wendt, Germany

Melanie Wendt, Germany

There is much more about the program apart from knowledge you gain. To grow as a group changes your mindset to a higher level. Moreover all efforts paid off for me as I got my dream job shortly after I finished the program.

Sales Coordinator - Maersk Deutschland A/S & Co....

Sales Coordinator - Maersk Deutschland A/S & Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany
Core Modules:
International Graduate Center, Germany
International Marketing, Universitat de Valencia, Spain