Application for the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program

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Apply for the IBSA program

You decided to study your dual MBA and master's degree with IBSA and want to apply now?

Great! Matching your interests, you can choose your favorite specialization out of the six we offer. Our wide range of specialization covers almost every area of international business. A specialization is nothing without a base it can be built upon. Choosing the university for your core module, you have the choice between the five remaining top notch universities in different countries on three continents.

Launch your business career and apply now to the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program.

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We Help You to Understand the Application Process!

The IBSA Dual Degrees Master’s Program is a collaboration of six different universities. It is only natural that there might be some confusion when it comes to applying to the program. We will explain to you in 6 easy steps how to apply.
One important step is the checking the name of the accredited degree program of your choice. The names of the accredited degree programs within the IBSA program vary with every partner university. Since you have to apply directly to the university it is important that you check the name of the accredited degree program of your chosen core module university.

We’re more than happy to walk you through the steps of the application process.

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What Is Required for the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program?

We want you to have a successful experience with the IBSA program, therefore we need to select our applicants carefully and have some important requirements.

To follow the courses within the IBSA Dual Degrees Master’s Program without difficulties, you need a good English skills, which will also help you to successfully write your master’s thesis. Another requirement that will help you to meet the challenges of the IBSA program is a sound basis of knowledge in business and economies at the undergraduate level.

Since the IBSA Dual Degrees Master’s Program is a collaboration of six universities, each partner institution may have slightly different basic requirements for admission.

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Deadlines Are Crucial When It Comes to the Application Process. We Don’t Want You to Miss Your Chance to Apply in Time.

The IBSA Dual Degrees Master’s Program is a collaboration of six different universities in six different countries and three different continents. Which means, every university has its own deadline for the application process.

So when to apply?

As an applicant to the IBSA program you should apply to the university in which you wish to take your first term. That means you only have to meet the appropriate deadlines outlined for your preferred school.

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We Understand That Fees Are an Important Factor When It Comes to Studying.

Six different universities, giving their best to offer you a great education, also means different institution fees. The universities have different fees for the core modules, which last one term, and the specializations, which last for two more terms, including the master's thesis.

The costs vary from year to year. You should also consider that the exchange rates of the different currencies may vary. 

Read more to complete your budget planning and learn more about the extra costs that may come along at some universities.

Tuition Fees