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Studying at the International Graduate Center (IGC) Offers Many Opportunities for Personal and Professional Development.

As a student in the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program, you have the advantage of studying at an excellent facility designed to optimize your studies and expand your intercultural competence. By pursuing an MBA degree with ZEvA-accredited IGC, you will be fully prepared to engage and thrive in a competitive business environment. Their specialization offering in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management will guide you through the most useful training skills and appropriate information to make your dreams of a logistics career a reality.

In addition to academic advantages, there are a number of other great benefits to studying at the International Graduate Center. Their support programs offer provisions like a discounted travel ticket (called the “Semester Ticket”) that will allow you once purchased to travel throughout Bremen and most of Lower Saxony for free.
The International Student Association (ISA) is staffed by friendly and informative locals who will help you adjust to your new home. Any question you have about living in this new city, they are your first resource - they can help you find comfortable and affordable housing, they will advise you through the visa process, and they even act as cultural guides – developing fun activities for the students to enjoy all year long!
Another attractive feature is the resident permit extension: once you have completed your studies in Germany, you are eligible to apply for a residence permit that allows you to seek employment for a total of 18 months. This is a great opportunity to find work abroad in Europe after graduation and several IGC students have been successful in finding great job placements through the use of this residence permit.

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Hochschule Bremen & International Graduate Center

Hochschule Bremen is the main university campus on which the International Graduate Center is both located and linked. Hochschule Bremen is referred to as a university of applied sciences and thus specializes in training students to apply practical skills to the interpretation of academic knowledge they have acquired throughout their studies – thus, it utilizes both an intellectual and a tactile approach to holistic learning. The International Graduate Center is an integral part of this academic tradition and specifically focuses on international and intercultural learning as an important additional strategy to forming a global future workforce.

While the educational opportunities at IGC and Hochschule Bremen are top notch, the city of Bremen is also a great attraction in itself. With a long history steeped in Hanseatic traditions, Bremen offers visitors and residents a large array of sites and activities to enjoy. Visiting the historic Town Hall and the famous Roland Statue just in front already provides you the opportunity to experience and enjoy to meaningful UNESCO World Heritage sites, before you even start exploring the rest of the city center. Just steps from these important sites are charming little areas like Schnoor (Bremen’s oldest district), Böttcherstrasse, and Viertel to enjoy the best options in enjoyable dining, shopping, entertainment, and other city activities. From little cafes and bars to local vendors or international brands for shopping, you can enjoy all the best of city living on a small, manageable scale in the city of Bremen.

Said Amin Torres, Mexico

Said Amin Torres, Mexico

The IBSA program at the Hochschule Bremen for me was such an enriching experience on the professional side and also on the personal one. For me coming from a very different country like Mexico made me value important aspects on the field of logistics and also on how to live as a society. Germany and Bremen will always have a piece of my heart, I met amazing people over there and built the best memories of my life.

<b>Distribution Center Manager - JJ Materiales...</b>

Distribution Center Manager - JJ Materiales Sustentables, Mexico
Core Modules:
University of Valencia, Spain
International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Graduate Center, Germany

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Do you want to become an expert in logistics and supply chain management? Then choose the German specialization at the IGC an learn how to transport everything smoothly form A to B.

Do you need help or do you have questions?

Do you need help or do you have questions?

Angela Dunkhorst, the German course coordinator, is available to help you as you complete your studies at the International Graduate Center in Bremen, Germany.

International Student Assistance

International Student Assistance

Looking for accomodation? Having visa problems? Contact us! We help you with all your issues and pick you up at arrival. On top of that we offer several event with for all the IGC students through the year.