Tuition Fees for the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program

Cost overview of your MBA and master's dual degree

Tuition fees for this one-year program depend on the partner choice and the exchange rate. This amount does not include housing or living expenses. Please note that partner institutions’ fees may be payable in different local currencies (i.e., in euros, in US dollars, etc.).The fee payment plan will be detailed in the official offer. Please refer to the chart below for full details.

Please note: The listed fees below are the fees for the term 2018/19. Students are also advised to contact the individual universities for specific payment information.

University Core Modules Specialization & Master's Thesis
University of Hertfordshire £ 6,405 £ 7,820
University of North Carolina Wilmington $8,482.50 $10,367.50
Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA 5,850.- € 7,150.- €
University of Valencia 5,906.83 € 7,585.33 €
International Graduate Center, Hochschule Bremen 7,200.- € 8,800.- €
ESSCA School of Management 6,500.- € 7,500.- €

Additional Fees for the MBA & Master Program

Overview of partner universities

University of Hertfordshire

Term / semester fees: TBC - UK/EU students: Payment upon registration. International students: Payment prior to insurance of CAS.

Down payment (not refundable): International students only: core semester fees paid upfront, payable prior to insurance of CAS

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Application / process fees: Core modules only - $60 USD

Down payment (not refundable): Core modules only $250 USD payable at July 15th

Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA

Additional fees: None

Down payment: None

University of València

Application / process fees: 150.00 € for all applicants who don't have an undergraduate degree of the European Higher Education Area

Down payment: None

International Graduate Center, Hochschule Bremen

Administration fees, term / semester fees & "Semesterticket" for public transportation (mandatory): 346,12 € payable in October - upon enrollment

Down payment (not refundable): 1000,- € payable after sending the declaration of acceptance

ESSCA School of Management in Paris

Additional fees: Around 220,- € for compulsory French Social Security 

Down payment: One month after being accepted to the program

The IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program

Choose between six countries and six business specializations and get your MBA and Master's Degree in only one year. Widen your cultural competence and build your business network, while getting an international education.

IBSA Program

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We have partner universities on three continents in six countries. Choose between France, Spain, UK, Germany, USA and Russia. With the IBSA program you live in two of those countries and study with international classmates.


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You want to get ahead and make the next step in your career? The IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program offers you six distinct business specializations. Become an expert in your chosen area, while building a worldwide network.