Management in Emerging Economies

Emerging economies pose special challenges for managers aiming to enter attractive new markets, or to exploit new opportunities of world-wide division of labor.

Study at RANEPA's Institute of Business Studies, RU

With unprecedented economic growth, increased spending power, and a rising demand for skilled workers, emerging markets like Russia, China, and India are becoming more and more important to the overall global economy. Operating in emerging economies can bring tremendous rewards, but also great risk, and businesses looking to establish themselves in these countries need professionals with real expertise to help them navigate these unfamiliar and evolving markets.

The Management of Emerging Economies specialization at the Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA delves into the varying factors and trends in this evolving business area.

Dual Degree Program

English speaking, full-time, three terms (12-16 months), start in fall, tuition fee: about 16.000 Euros

The International Business School Alliance (IBSA) consists of six accredited universities. They offer a joint program: the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s program. The unique advantage of this program: You will study at two universities in two countries and get two degrees.

Choosing the specialization International Finance & Investments at UNCW means that you will begin the program at a different partner and do your core studies there.


Term 1                                   Term 2                                  Term 3

Core Studies                        Specialization                      Master’s Thesis

first university                     second university               second university

(each term worth 30 ECTS)

Choose your combination of universities and specialization here.

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