A Full Outline of Your Academic Year with the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program

Learn about all the coursework opportunities and the systematic plan of study with the IBSA program.

Our Students Follow a Specific Path of Study to Complete the IBSA Program

2 countries + 2 degrees + 1 year = dual master’s degree

Students begin each fall semester (Core Modules) with international core courses. Five of the courses offered are the same at each partner university, while each university also offers one (or more) elective choice. In the spring semester (Specialization), students must switch to a different partner institution based on their desired specialization. The program will be concluded with a master’s thesis in the third semester (Thesis), usually running from June to September and normally taken at the institution in which the specialization was chosen.

 Your academic year looks like this (including applicable credits earned):

  • Term one, Core Modules: provides students with core modules worth 30 ECTS and sets the context of the broader field is worth of global business and management.
  • Term two, Specialization: provides the specialization modules, also worth 30 ECTS, and builds deeper knowledge in a specific area of business expertise.
  • Term three, Thesis: focuses on the master’s thesis, worth another 30 ECTS, and is based on the chosen specialist business function.

At the end of their year of studies, graduates will receive dual master’s degrees (90 ECTS) from the two different partner universities attended.

Objectives of the IBSA program: By following this well-structured, one year dual master’s degree plan, IBSA students will gain the appropriate research and business application skills that will help them compete in the fast-paced world of global business. Through intensive training in topics such as finance, marketing, human resource management, strategic analysis, and international law, they will acquire important competences in effective business management. Additionally, they will gain relevant and useful competence in intercultural sensitivity awareness – a key supplementary feature of successful global executives employed in multinational environments.

Five Core Modules

The five core modules are presented to all our IBSA students at any of the 6 partner universities in semester one: Multinational Financial Management, Global Strategic Analysis, Global Marketing Strategies, Human Resource Management in a Global Environment and International Business Law. Depending on your chosen university you can choose additional core module in semster one.

Core Modules

Which Business Specialization?

In semester two, one of six business specializations can be chosen: International Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Bremen, Germany), Management of Emerging Economies (Moscow, Russia), International Finance & Investments (Wilmington, USA), International Marketing (Valencia, Spain), International Entrepreneurship (Paris, France) or Human Resource Management (London, UK).


Master's Thesis

Finish your academic year by preparing your master’s thesis. You will employ analytical and methodological research to construct an effective project on your chosen business-related thesis topic. As a meaningful, alternative option, many students are inspired to work with a company to generate their thesis project. However you arrive at the result, we will support your academic goals every step of the way.

Master's Thesis
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This Dual Master Degree program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The most important outcome of the program was establishing the foundation to now work internationally, as well as the strong friendships forged with my fellow classmates.

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Associate Project Manager at SAP, San Francisco Bay, USA
Core Modules:
Universitat de Valencia
International Business Development & Consulting, Novancia, France

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Your Benefits from a Dual Degree in Finance and Investments

An IBSA Dual Degree in Finance and Investments offers you the chance to develop your international finance and investments skills in a global environment with world class resources. After completing your Degree in one of the world's financial capital, you can access a wide range of of lucrative future career opportunities.

Finance Career
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4 Ways a Logistics Specialization Pays Off

Almost every business depends on logistical services, making logistics a very wide business field with many interesting and challenging career prospect. Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a truly global industry and as a logistics expert, you can work anywhere you want. You can collect your first experiences with logistics in one of Germany's most important ports.

Logistics Career
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Profit from a Dual Degree in Human Resource Management

You are a people's person and think you would enjoy handeling the key asset of a company, their employees? A Dual Degree in Human Resource Management can open you the door to a leading position as a human resource director. The Human Resources Management MBA is a very versatile qualification, not tying you to specific sector and making your career even more exciting.

HR Career
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Discover Your Chances with an MBA in Emerging Economies

Working in Emerging Economies will never be boring. Watch markets evolve and help companies be successful in these ever-changing markets, navigating them through the risks and rewards of the emerging economy. You can study this rewarding and versatile specialization in Russia, one of the emerging economies in the world and start your career directly after graduating.

EE Career
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Explore the Opportunities a Marketing MBA Offers You

Marketing is a specialization that will equip you with modern business methods helping you to drive growth and facilitate international expansion, as well as creating a positive image of an organization. It becomes more and more important in today's business world. The demand for marketing graduates is rising and so is the opportunity of a fascinating career in marketing.

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Why specialize in International Entrepreneurship?

Studying International Entrepreneurship enables you to decide between certain business sectors, worldwide job locations or even specific career opportunities after your graduation. You are equipped with the skills to start you own company, consult others or to manage corporate strategies in a global company.