The Core Modules of the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program

Full descriptions of our core modules, offered at all six partner universities

"Be Tolerant of Differences!"

Adrian Goodsall, Lecturer of the IBSA program at the University of Hertfordshire on studying in an international environment.


"Respond to Increasing Challenges"

Elena Essig, lecturer at ESSCA School of Management in Paris on studying HR Management in the IBSA program


IBSA Program Students Begin the First Term with a Required Set of Five Core Modules.

These five courses are the exact same at all six partner universities in the IBSA Program, while some universities may offer an additional core module. These courses (worth 30 ECTS each) expose our students to the guiding principles of international business (such as business law or strategic analysis) and how these concepts are connected and interdependent (in courses like global marketing or human resource management). In order to preserve the critical international element of our program, the core modules must take place in a different country than the one where students complete their second semester specialization courses. This first university (attended in term one for the core modules) is responsible for awarding the students their first degree (MBA or Master’s). Once the core modules are completed, the IBSA students will finalize the academic year by completing their specialization modules and a final master’s thesis.

Each university has its own accredited degree program, and all six partner schools have combined their degree offerings to make up the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program. IBSA students must apply for the specific program of their chosen university for the core modules term (for example, if you wish to study the core modules in the US, you should apply to the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s International MBA graduate degree program). The following list includes the six partner universities in the IBSA program and their associated degree programs from which our students can choose their core modules term (term one):

  • Cameron School of Business, University of North Carolina Wilmington (USA) – International MBA
  • ESSCA School of Management (France) – Master of Science in International Entrepreneurship
  • Facultad d'Economia, University of Valencia (Spain) – International Master's Degree in Business Administration (iMBA)
  • Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA (Russia) – International Master in Management
  • International Graduate Center, Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences (Germany) – International MBA
  • University of Hertfordshire Business School (UK) – Master in Global Business

The instructors in the IBSA Program are highly-qualified academicians who are also often business professionals with first-hand experience in the successes and pitfalls inherent in international business. Students can expect in-depth, experiential learning based on sound teaching methodologies that include thought-provoking lectures and facilitated seminars, exciting company tours, challenging group projects, practical workshops, interactive web learning, and stimulating case studies. Through this quick-paced, challenging and rewarding program, IBSA graduates will have a comprehensive educational foundation that will fully prepare them to embark on a productive business career.

A blond woman in front of the skyline of Bremen.

Multinational Financial Management

Our students dive into specific international finance issues in this core module. The goal of the course is to create effective global managers who are experienced in analytical and decision-making skills that are crucial for successful business across borders.

A book on which stands "International Business Law".

Business Analytics

This module aims to introduce students to business analytics concepts required to understand contemporary business challenges. Analytical techniques will be applied to assess and resolve some of the complex challenges faced by business professionals in global industries.

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Global Strategic Analysis

In this core module, students understand strategic business planning: This module introduces students to global business challenges and the methods used to address them, through careful review of effective managerial techniques, in order to ensure a winning international business strategy.

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Global Marketing Strategies

Our students gain skill and confidence in developing strong marketing plans for global business. The course addresses marketing performance in a global context; assesses differences in country environments; and applies techniques for international market segmentation, entry strategies, risk analysis, and comprehensive marketing plans.

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Human Resource Management in a Global Environment

IBSA students investigate critical human resource management (HRM) topics within this module. The aim is to examine relevant elements of HRM as they relate to global business, organizational policies, and standard management practices.

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Additional Core Modules

Some of our partner universities have additional core modules, apart from the general ones. There is Global Business Planning (mandatory) at UV, International Leadership (optional) at IGC, Global Business Planning (Mandatory) at IBS and Global Operational Management (mandatory) at UNCW.

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Arla Ewing, Canada

The IBSA program offers a diverse set of courses in an environment conducive to learning with small class sizes. The professors are knowledgeable and group projects are common.

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Product Development Supervisor at The Calgary Sun and Co-founder at Healing House Tea Company, Kanada
Core Modules:
University of Hertfordshire, Great Britain
International Graduate Center, Germany

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