Writing Your Master’s Thesis in the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program

Full details for creating your thesis project

Finalize Your IBSA Academic Year with a Comprehensive Research Project.

Your third semester (between June and September) will consist entirely of the all-important thesis dissertation. This period is typically completed at the same university where you attended your specialization courses. To provide guidance and assistance as you prepare to work through this complicated project, each university offers a thorough, interactive three-day workshop that presents the requisite research skills, covering analytical, research and methodological techniques for the quality production of your master’s thesis. The other main source of support will come from your thesis advisors. Thus, all IBSA students are required to secure two supervisors who will guide the construction of the master’s thesis; normally, choosing two of your university lecturers is the best and easiest option. This final project will count for 16 ECTS in your overall program credit total. We also suggest that IBSA students also consider an alternative approach to the standard route: it is always possible to write your master’s thesis in cooperation with a company. This will require identifying and contacting a potential target company and developing a customized agreement with them in order to complete your thesis project accordingly.

By completing this detailed research and writing work, you will delve deeper into your specialization area from the second semester, learn to cultivate critical reasoning skills, develop a scientific approach to empirical data, and develop skills in literature review based on investigative reasoning (examination of a hypothesis).

Master Thesis - Learning Outcome

a one

To enable students to cultivate their critical reasoning skills and to consolidate their analytical skills.

a three

To carry out a literature review with practical research methods to answer a research question

a two

To respect a scientific process which requires students to maintain a neutral yet critical outlook on the research area under investigation.

a four

To research deeper into their specialized area of study attended during the second semester.

Master's Thesis - Modules Term 3

60 UK/ 30 ECTS/ 12SH

Specialization & University Module
International Marketing, University of València International Marketing Project
International Logistics & Supply Chain Management, International Graduate Center, Hochschule Bremen International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Project
Management in Emerging Markets, Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA Management in Emerging Economies Thesis
International Finance & Investments, University of North Carolina Wilmington International Finance and Investments Thesis
Human Ressource Management, University of Hertfordshire Human Ressource Management Project
International Entrepreneurship, ESSCA School of Management International Entrepreneurship Project

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