6 Business Specializations in the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program

Finance & Investment, Marketing, Management of Emerging Economies, International Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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International Finance and Investments

Our US partner offers great training and expertise in this international finance and investment specialization. The University of North Carolina Wilmington prepares the next generation of global financial managers through a set of demanding courses in investment portfolios management, capital markets, international real estate investment and other relevant topics.

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Human Resource Management

The University of Hertfordshire offers students a thorough program in this specialization. Our IBSA partner in the UK promotes human resource management, from a global context, through four modules: Organisational Behaviour, Theory and Practice; Comparative Employment Relations; Cross Cultural Management; and Strategic Human Resource Management.

Human Resource
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Management in Emerging Economies

Our partner school in Russia offers IBSA students significant insights and important research for this business specialization. At the Institute of Business Studies Moscow Russian Presidential Academy, students choosing this specialization learn with classmates from all over the world about the intricate and complicated nature of managing emerging and transition markets.

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International Marketing

Train in the fundamentals of international marketing with our IBSA partner in Spain. The University of Valencia has developed a thorough marketing management curriculum based on four key course modules for their specialization in International Marketing: Integrated Marketing Communication, International Distribution & Logistics, Market Research and Service Marketing.

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International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Join our IBSA partner in Germany, the International Graduate Center, to learn about strategic planning in logistics. Hochschule Bremen has constructed a detailed course plan that includes in Logistics Networks, International Transport, International Sourcing and Procurement Logistics, International Maritime Transport, and Project Management.

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International Entrepreneurship

At our partner school in France, IBSA students learn about doing business in a global context. Apart from analyzing the development of new businesses and innovations, strategic tools used in decision situations as well as different techniques for communication, negotiation and the assessment of risks will be part of the ESSCA specialization.

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Cédric VERFAILLIE, Belgium

Being part of the IBSA program broadened my horizons, both on a personal and professional level. This program made me experience the value of studying abroad because it challenges its students inside the classroom and cultivates them extracurricular.

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Junior Consultant at horsum, Belgium
Core Modules:
University of Hertfordshire
International Business Development & Consulting, Novancia, France

6 Specializations in 6 Countries - Make Your Choice

In the IBSA program students begin the second semester by studying the business specialization topic of their choice. The best choice for specialization is strongly influenced by a student’s area of interest – Students can choose according to their future goals and professional ambitions.

All six partner institutions offer their own specialization modules linked to the business industry. In order to preserve the critical international element of our program, this coursework must take place in a different country than where they completed their first semester core modules. Typically, the topic of the thesis project evolves from the critical study done at the second university. The second degree (MBA or master’s), in our dual degree master’s program, will be awarded by this second partner school.

Our graduate students can expect high-quality instruction and interactive training from lecturers and professors who possess professional business experience as their qualified framework for helping the students succeed as business professionals. We implement a number of useful pedagogical techniques to create an engaging and stimulating learning environment through provocative case studies, collaborative group projects and assignments, informative lectures, facilitated seminars, experiential workshops, and web-based learning. By committing themselves to this one-year, dedicated study program, IBSA students will build the sound educational foundation required to launch a successful business career.