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Human Resource Management

Specialization of University of Hertfordshire, Great Britain - Degree: MSc in Global Business

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Build Special Skills in Human Resource Management at the University of Hertfordshire

It is increasingly recognized that employees are key to an organisations competitive advantage – multinational companies need to hire the right people and engage and develop them appropriately. One of the research strengths of the University of Hertfordshire's faculty is in the international and comparative aspects of the strategic management of people. Drawing on this expertise, the specialization allows students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for careers in both human resource and general management in organisations that operate on a global level. The business school is an approved centre for the UK’s human resource professional body, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

This specialization instructs the students in four compulsory courses - the theory and practice of organizational behaviour, managing across cultures, postgraduate research methodology and strategic human resource management– and three optional modules, from which students should pick one course – comparative employment relations, people resourcing, and leadership and management development.

The courses in this specialization will utilize numerous experiential learning applications that develop the students’ learning capacity in the essential human resource management theories and concepts. These consist of lectures, case study analysis, student presentations and student-guided seminars, and, most importantly, a unique group simulation project that must be designed to guide expatriate professionals who will be sent on assignment in a foreign country.

Through dedicated focus on these topics during the master thesis in the third semester, IBSA students complete this specialization with two rewards - their MSc. in Global Business from UH and confidence as human resources professionals who are prepared to succeed in the recruiting and HR industry. These students can feel secure about the credential qualifications linked to this degree as the University of Hertfordshire is regularly evaluated by numerous accreditation groups: the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), measuring the quality level of services at all UK higher education institutions, and a number of professional and regulatory bodies (e.g., Ofsted).

This specialization at the University of Hertfordshire is the second-semester option for those interested in human resource management. The core modules should be completed at another of our distinctive institutions in the programme so choose your first-semester programme from among many attractive global locations – Russia (RANEPA, Institute of Business Studies Moscow), the US (University of North Carolina Wilmington), Spain (University of Valencia), and Germany (International Graduate Center, Hochschule Bremen).

Human Resource Management Objectives

a one

Formulate policies and practices for the management of people across international borders and in multinational corporations

a three

Analyse critical factors in employment management and employment relationships across borders

a two

Develop a detailed and evaluative approach to the concept of strategic human resource management (SHRM) and its application

a four

Incorporate a range of management skills and the best contexts for their application

Human Resource Management Modules

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Strategic Human Resource Management

This module aims to provide students with a critical understanding of the key issues and debates in strategic human resource management and an appreciation of the importance of managing people strategically. Different approaches to strategy and strategy making are introduced and the HRM implications considered. The history and origins of strategic HRM are explored as well as the forces shaping HRM at work. The main theoretical models are considered as well as their application in practice, and the contribution of SHRM to organisational performance evaluated. Key themes, emergent issues and tensions are reviewed. Managing people strategically is considered in relation to employee resourcing, performance and reward, development and relations.

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Organisational Behaviour Theory and Practice

This module allows you to study a range of theoretical perspectives on organisations, to consider the organisational context of behaviour with reference to the main perspectives, and to consider the role of the manager within the organisation. The module begins by charting the development of management as a function within organisations, and then it examines the development of organisation theory over time. The focus of the module then switches to examining a range of organisational issues such as: organisational structure; groups; control; conflict; motivation and personality; leadership and decision-making; technology and job design; and culture and change. The role of the manager within the organisation is an overarching theme, drawing on both the student's own experience and the theoretical perspectives introduced earlier.

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Managing Across Cultures

This module is designed to provide an in-depth and theoretically informed consideration of the complexities of managing across cultures within the context of people management practices. The module 'Managing Across Cultures' explores the link between national, regional, industry and organisational cultures. It draws upon cultural theorists in order to explore cultural dimensions related to time, space and change; cross-cultural communication; co-operation in multicultural teams. It allows for an exploration and understanding of how cultural differences are, and can be, addressed by individuals involved in managing across cultures. The module also enables students to develop a range of skills to perform effectively in a cross-cultural team setting.

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Postgraduate Research Methodology

The module explores a range of contemporary management attributes and skills, and their application contexts. The choice of specific attributes and skills will be influenced by the students themselves, but may include some of the following issues: leadership, teambuilding, communication, consultancy skills, negotiation and influencing, giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills, interviewing skills, media handling, critical thinking, creative thinking, and mentoring and coaching. The module 'Postgraduate Research Methodology' looks at models and competence frameworks for management and leadership, the concepts behind models of management learning processes, and practical self-development and self-diagnostic tools, including an understanding of continuing professional development.

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Elective: Comparative Employment Relations

The module explores the functional and strategic requirements of international employment relations in an int. context and how int. issues of economic, technological, political, cultural, environmental and social pressures impact on int. employment relations. It also explores the theory and evidence for convergence and globalisation in employment relations practices, and critically assesses the methodological issues behind such comparative int. research.

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Elective: People Resourcing

The module 'People Resourcing' aims to develop a critical knowledge and understanding of key people resourcing and talent management strategies within the wider national and international employment market. It covers attraction, selection and retention of employees and the alternative interventions that can be utilised to suit the needs of the business. Current resourcing issues such as flexibility, employee engagement, work life balance and the debate about outsourcing and off shoring are key elements of the module.

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Elective: Leadership and Management Development

The module begins by exploring how views on leadership and management development have evolved during the 20th and early 21st centuries. It then goes on to examine the recognition of the need for leadership at all levels in the organisation from chief executives to first line managers. The module will cover the full cycle of organisational objectives, needs analysis, design, implementation and evaluation. Contribution to organisational effectiveness is an overarching theme.

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Carolina Pastor Carceller, Spain

At University of Hertfordshire, the classes were more academic and reflective with a special focus on research, which helped me develop my analytical skills.

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Core Modules:
Universitat de València, Spain
Human Resource Management, University of Hertfordshire, UK

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Human Ressource Management

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