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International Business Consultants, Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs Are Created Here - ESSCA School of Management Paris

ESSCA's International Entrepreneurship specialization is an intensive training platform for those wishing to pursue international careers in consulting, business development and entrepreneurship.

The MSc in International Entrepreneurship blends three different aspects of doing business in the global arena. First, it takes on an entrepreneurial perspective to analyze the creation and development of new businesses and innovations. Second, it explores the different strategic tools available for decision-making, from the perspective of a management consultant. Finally, it provides the students with negotiating, communication and risk-assessment techniques, that grant them with knowledge on the key considerations for growing and developing a business internationally.

The MSc in International Entrepreneurship has a very practical approach and blends the knowledge of academic experts and their state-of-the-art knowledge, with the vision and expertise of practitioners, who have managed, launched or structured businesses internationally. Also, the large focus on the first four modules on entrepreneurship, allows students to gather a comprehensive view of businesses and of the different critical routes that all ideas must follow in order to create value and ensure the sustainability of an organization.

Graduates of this specialization will bring international perspective, experience and effective entrepreneurial and analytical skill sets to the consultancies and multinational corporations that hire them, as well as to their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

ESSCA's International Entrepreneurship specialization is one member in the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program. Students can opt for five other international locations when they select their option for their first semester of core modules such as UK (University of Hertfordshire), the US (University of North Carolina Wilmington), Russia (RANEPA Institute of Business Studies Moscow), Germany (Hochschule Bremen, International Graduate Center) or Spain (University of Valencia).

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International Entrepreneurship Objectives

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Acquire the skills necessary to conceptualize and launch an innovation

A three


Cultivate your critical reasoning skills and consolidate your analytical skills

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Enlarge your international vision and understand the different facets of globalization for the conception, launch and management of a business

A two


Develop the capacity to think, act, behave, communicate and pitch like an entrepreneur

a four


Acquire practical research methods that can help you to answer a research question

a six


Develop an objective critical outlook of the world and acknowledge the relevance of culture and diversity in business

International Entrepreneurship Modules

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International Business & Entrepreneurial Strategies

This module will equip students with the insights, tools, concepts, and skills necessary to successfully overcome the barriers and achieve internationalization of new and existing businesses. Explore the world of business creation and how ideas are turned into projects. Through innovation, segmentation, sizing and estimation exercises, accompanied by case studies, the students are able to understand the different critical factors associated with the success of a firm, all through an international lens.

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Business Model Innovation & Planning

This module explores the understanding and practice of business model innovation and planning in an international context. Based on lectures, case studies, business model analysis with a canvas and creativity techniques for business model design, it enables students to acquire a deeper insight into the value creation dynamics of businesses, esp. innovative companies with breakthrough strategies in their industry.

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International Business Consulting & Support

This module is dedicated to the study and acquisition of the principles and practices that characterize the functions of International Business Consultants who support entrepreneurs in developing and consolidating internationalization strategies for their firms. Building on a core of both theoretical and practical knowledge as well as input from practitioners in the field, students will be encouraged to identify, analyze and master the essential skills required for successfully operating.

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Risk assessment in EU & emerging countries

This module examines the evaluation and forecasting of the effects of geopolitical, economic, financial and social risks when doing business in foreign countries, in particular in the European Union and recently- emerging countries. The learning experience includes lectures and a methodological approach of risk evaluation using appropriate tools to assess and rate countries’ comparative risk exposure.

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International Business Negotiation & Communication

This module focuses on knowledge and practice of negotiations in international business. Included are in-class learning and practical exercises such as case studies, role playing and simulations. Students are offered a methodological approach towards negotiation and conflict-solving using both negotiation methods/tools and appropriate behavior. Diagnosis and analysis tools will be presented that allow to effectively evaluate and adapt to key cultural differences, within the international negotiation process.

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Networks & Platforms for business development

The module networks and platforms for business development analyzes the impact of the digitalization of business for the conception and management of innovative business models. The module will make use of the analysis of platforms, networks and digital tools. By doing this, students will learn novel ways of creating and developing businesses based on information systems, strategy and marketing.

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Your Career Opportunities

Since entrepreneurship graduates are provided with tools to work on the corporate strategy, you can choose between plenty of exciting career opportunities all over the world.

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International Entrepreneurship

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