International Entrepreneurship

Specialization of the ESSCA School of Management Paris, France - Degree: MSc

ESSCA's International Entrepreneurship specialization is an intensive training platform for those wishing to pursue international careers in consulting, business development and entrepreneurship.

The MSc in International Entrepreneurship blends three different aspects of doing business in the global arena. First, it takes on an entrepreneurial perspective to analyze the creation and development of new businesses and innovations. Second, it explores the different strategic tools available for decision-making, from the perspective of a management consultant. Finally, it provides the students with negotiating, communication and risk-assessment techniques, that grant them with knowledge on the key considerations for growing and developing a business internationally.

The MSc in International Entrepreneurship has a very practical approach and blends the knowledge of academic experts and their state-of-the-art knowledge, with the vision and expertise of practitioners, who have managed, launched or structured businesses internationally. Also, the large focus on the first four modules on entrepreneurship, allows students to gather a comprehensive view of businesses and of the different critical routes that all ideas must follow in order to create value and ensure the sustainability of an organization.

Graduates of this specialization will bring international perspective, experience and effective entrepreneurial and analytical skill sets to the consultancies and multinational corporations that hire them, as well as to their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

ESSCA's International Entrepreneurship specialization is one member in the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program. Students can opt for five other international locations when they select their option for their first semester of core modules:

  • Cameron School of Business, University of North Carolina Wilmington (US)
  • Facultad d'Economia, University of Valencia (ES)
  • Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA (RUS)
  • International Graduate Center, Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences (GER)
  • University of Hertfordshire Business School (UK)
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International Entrepreneurship Objectives

A one.


Acquire the skills necessary to conceptualize and launch an innovation

A three


Cultivate your critical reasoning skills and consolidate your analytical skills

a five


Enlarge your international vision and understand the different facets of globalization for the conception, launch and management of a business

A two


Develop the capacity to think, act, behave, communicate and pitch like an entrepreneur

a four


Acquire practical research methods that can help you to answer a research question

a six


Develop an objective critical outlook of the world and acknowledge the relevance of culture and diversity in business


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Business Modeling

This module is dedicated to the strategic process by which an entrepreneur has to go through to give a reality to a business opportunity. Four key stages will be addressed in this course: how to move from the idea to the project; the elaboration and formulation of the value proposition; the definition and representation of the business ecosystem; the definition of the revenue model.

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Business Planning

This module is about business modeling, business planning and all steps through which an entrepreneur has to go to be able to draw up a business plan. After reviewing the different definitions of a business model, we will address three main components of a business plan: the entrepreneurial market study; the value architecture and the study of technical means; the financial plan and the calculation of indicators.

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Business Traction

The objective of this module is to present the principal strategic mechanisms deployed by the start-ups, but also small and medium-sized companies, in the context of their growth and their needs in terms of creating value. After reviewing the different entrepreneurial growth strategies, there will be a focus on: the customer development processes, the monitoring operations, and the fundraising approach.


The main objective of this module is to develop knowledge and practical skills related to the structuring, the formalization and the conduct of entrepreneurial projects. The module will start with the review of the Business Plan Methodology. Principal legal and fiscal elements necessary for the launching of an entre/intrapreneurial project will be also presented. Throughout the semester, a rich training program through different workshops will accompany students to draw up, develop and present regularly their on-going project (either individual or collective, either entrepreneurial or business development oriented). At the end, in order to prepare the final evaluation, a specific training on pitching and strategic communication will be held.


This course is dedicated for students who are looking for a specialization in Entrepreneurship. The first part draws from Yunus’s social business perspective although making room for neighboring approaches like shared value and for-profit social entrepreneurship, in order to delve into the rationale of social innovation and the third sector. The course is meant to deal with the productive role of a new operator within the third sector, the social enterprise, and how its business model compares with the for-profit business model. The second part will assess and develop an accurate know-how of Internet and Digital ventures by focusing on issues and specificities, which can face digital-entrepreneurs.

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Your Career Opportunities

Since entrepreneurship graduates are provided with tools to work on the corporate strategy, you can choose between plenty of exciting career opportunities all over the world.

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International Entrepreneurship

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