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International Finance and Investments

Specialization of University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA - Degree: MBA

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Come to UNCW To Build Your Career in Financial Investment Management

UNCW’s International Finance & Investment (IF&I) specialization offers you, the aspiring global financial manager, a unique portfolio of excellent faculty, a state-of-the-art financial trading room, access to Bloomberg terminals & certification and an effective set of IF&I courses.

At the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), IBSA students can expect to work hard and learn a great deal. By applying themselves in the International Finance and Investments specialization, our IBSA students will build the framework for a successful career in financial investing and portfolio management on a global scale. UNCW provides six intensive modules that develop all the essential skills in successful investment strategies: Financial Management, Portfolio Analysis and Management I: Equity, Portfolio Analysis and Management II: Fixed-Income, Portfolio Management III: Derivatives & Financial Risk Management, Statistics and Econometrics, and Real Estate Investments. These courses will expose the students to relevant topics such as the interplay between financial managers and capital markets, tactics in global portfolio diversification, international bond markets and fixed income analysis, financial risk and futures markets, regression modelling and forecasting as statistical tools, and investment strategies in the real estate market. IF&I prepares the students to manage international resource allocation and investments externally via the capital markets and lending institutions, and internally within organizations.

Students complete this specialization coursework in the second semester of the IBSA Program with a strong portfolio in global finance and investing and an MBA from UNCW. This demanding master’s degree program is backed by the accreditation boards of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Students earning Cameron’s MBA (International – IF&A specialization) will learn to make these financial & investment decisions within the context of the current global economy and the political, regulatory and corporate governance aspects of finance.

UNCW’s International Finance and Investment specialization is a great semester-two option (within the one-year IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program) for students interested in investment and finance. When looking at their first semester options, there is a large selection of beautiful global locales from which to choose for studying the core modules: Germany – International Graduate Center, UK – University of Hertfordshire, Spain – University of Valencia, Russia – Institute of Business Studies, Ranepa, France -ESSCA School of Management in Paris.

International Finance and Investments Objectives

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Critically evaluate the nature of security markets in a global setting

a three

Critically evaluate the use of derivatives in equity and fixed-income portfolios

a two

Understand how business data is compiled, measured, and used in decision making

a four

Develop and apply linear models in a business context

International Finance and Investments Modules

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Portfolio Analysis & Management I: Equity

This course will provide students a thorough understanding of global portfolio diversification strategies and potential benefits, considering traditional asset classes including international equity and bond markets. Asset allocation and investment management experienced significant changes in recent decades with increased elimination of barriers to capital movements and further synchronization of world economies. These developments will be the main focus of this course. Throughout the course 'Portfolio Analysis and Management I', we will present the underlying financial theory and particularly, review the recent evidence as published in academic and practitioner.

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Statistics and Econometrics

The course 'Statistics and Econometrics' develops the core of regression modelling and forecasting with applications in the international business environment. The emphasis will be on authentic learning of regression methods that practicing analysts have found most useful. Students will develop theoretical and practical approaches to estimation and forecasting through the study and application of regression methodology and time-series techniques including moving averages, exponential smoothing, auto regression, generalized lag models and Box-Jenkins. The course 'Statistics and Econometrics' will expose students to measurement, analysis and interpretation of business and economic forecasts.

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Financial Management

The course 'Financial Management' will provide an understanding of finance and financial management. This primary objective will be supported with examinations of relevant topics in contemporary finance. These will include an appreciation of financial terms and the interplay between the capital markets, financial managers and financial institutions. At the core of this basic understanding is knowledge of the tools used by financial managers in their decision-making. With regular reference to current issues in personal, business and international finance, these tools and terms will be introduced and examined. The course 'Financial Management' format will be a mixture of lectures, assignments and class discussion.

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Portfolio Analysis & Management II: Fixed-Income

The course is designed to focus on tools and techniques of fixed income analysis in a global context. This course will provide students a thorough understanding of international bond markets. Asset allocation and investment management experienced significant changes in recent years associated with the global credit crisis. Throughout the course, we will present the underlying financial theory and review the recent evidence as published in academic and practitioner literature.

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Portfolio Management III: Derivatives & Financial Risk Management

This main goal of the course 'Portfolio Management III: Derivatives & Financial Risk Management' is to provide for students a thorough understanding of management of financial risk caused by changes in commodity prices, interest rates and currency values by utilizing derivative markets. The secondary goal is to present methods to the students to conduct an empirical study on underlying fundamental factors in a futures market.

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Real Estate Investments

The objective of this course will be to extend a student’s basic understanding of finance to an appreciation of real estate value. An initial illustration of the inefficiencies in real estate vs. capital market investments will be provided. The financial crisis and international real estate will be introduced and discussed. These topics will include the mathematics of real estate investment, real estate financing alternatives, and special tax-deferral and tax-sheltering options available to the real estate investor, both domestically and internationally.

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Paola Silva Barajas, Mexico

The IBSA program really has leveraged my understanding of the international content of business.My finance specialization gave me insights that helped me to better contribute on my intern project and my duties with the Global Research Manager at Bloomberg.

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Equity Supply Chain Analyst - Bloomberg LP, New Jersey, USA
Core Modules:
Universitat de Valencia, Spain
International Finance and Investments, University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA

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A dual master's degree in International Finance and Investments gives you the chance of many lucrative job opportunities in a fascinating and exciting global industry.

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Achieve your specialized training in financial investment while basking in North Carolina’s coastal beauty by spending your second semester in the IBSA Program at UNCW.

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International Finance and Investments

The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers IBSA students a future of international success through their specialization focused on financial investment strategies.

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