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International Marketing

Specialization of the Universitat de Valencia, Spain - Degree: Master in International Business

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Look to the University of Valencia and Its Specialization to Gain an Aptitude in International Marketing

The specialization in International Marketing is offered by the University of Valencia. In changing and evolving markets, companies need a proactive marketing approach to provide consumer value in their offering to satisfy their needs. Our marketing approach embraces from the principles in marketing research distribution, communication and service marketing to the most recent changes occurred in the marketplace, such as co creation or social networks.

The International Marketing specialization covers contemporary issues in marketing management from a global perspective through these four modules: Integrated Marketing Communication, International Distribution and Logistics, International Market Research and Service Marketing. The International Marketing specialization will identify and help develop important strategic techniques requisites for all marketing managers; as IBSA graduates enter the competitive work force, adopting these techniques will provide them a great advantage when developing their marketing career.

The teaching methodology incorporates all the variable techniques that help students develop a well-rounded approach to the subject matter; it consists of lectures, guest seminars, coursework, visits to relevant companies, group project work (specifically, an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Campaign that utilizes the students’ marketing training), and other modes of cohesive training.

Students following this specialization leave with a great portfolio of knowledge and expertise in international marketing and management, as well as a master’s degree (one of two!) – a Master’s in International Business. This unique and valuable degree program is supported by the strict guidelines developed by the accreditation board of ANECA, rigorously measuring the quality of Spanish Higher Education institutions in order to provide students with the best educational opportunities.

This International Marketing specialization at the University of Valencia acts as a second-semester option within the one-year IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program. This Spanish destination and its marketing focus is one of many options within our program. There are four other great global options from which our students can choose to study their core modules in the first semester, such as International Graduate Center (Germany), University of Hertfordshire (UK), University of North Carolina Wilmington (US), Institute of Business Studies, Ranepa (Russia).

International Marketing Objective

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Develop and present a comprehensive marketing communications campaign

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Create customer-oriented services that value their interactive experiences like managing service processes

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Design and implement an efficient distribution channel for unique products

a four

Manage business-customer or business-business relationships to build brand loyalty

International Marketing Modules

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Integrated Marketing Communications

The course has a managerial orientation. Students take an analytical approach and apply marketing communications principles to solve “real world” problems. This course seeks to bridge the gap between marketing communications theory and practical application. Analytical advertising methods are examined from the managerial perspective. The management, planning, evaluation, and use of advertising, sales promotion and other related techniques from an international perspective are discussed in this module.

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This module is designed to gain insight into the main issues affecting distribution and logistics policies in a global environment. The design and management of distribution channels in the global arena is affected by cultural diversities, such as consumers' demands, types of intermediaries, retailing structures, logistic infrastructures, and availability of transport modes. This course has a practical approach that identifies key organizations competing in the global marketplace and analyses their strategies.

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This module examines practices in a service environment, offering marketers theoretical, practical strategic and operational options, while comparing and contrasting practices in the marketing of physical goods. The module examines contemporary marketing issues of the service marketing setting and the implications of the distinctive aspects of marketing a service for marketing strategies.

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International Marketing Research

The module deals with the necessary adaptation of marketing research process to a global context: preliminary stages, secondary and primary data research, questionnaire design, sampling, data analysis and results presentation. This module provides students with a critical awareness of the principal concepts, frameworks and techniques of international marketing research.

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Universitat de Valencia offers students an enchanting Mediterranean experience, while pursuing their education with one of the top rated schools in Spain.

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Core Modules:
University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA
International Marketing, Universitat de Valencia, Spain

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Enjoy the Benefits of a Marketing MBA

The Dual Degree in marketing is a versatile career booster in a creative and rewarding industry.

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Universitat de Valencia

Travel the lavish, romantic landscapes of Spain while pursuing your graduate studies in international marketing at the Universitat de Valencia.

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Warm weather, delicious food and a vibrant culture make spain perfect for your international business Dual Degree studies.

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International Marketing

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