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Alumni of the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program

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The IBSA Alumni Network

Upon graduation, we wish to continue our relationship with you, our students, into the professional chapter of your lives. Our students study on an international program and we welcome you to join our international alumni network upon graduation.

We encourage our former students, current students and staff to share their success stories, job opportunities and any reunions they are hosting.

Alumni of our dual degree program have gone on to work with Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, United Nations, Airbus, Volvo, VW, Harrods, Vodafone and Orange to name just a few.
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IBSA Alumnus of the month

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Karnila Willard, Indonesia

LinkedIn: Karnila Willard

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Vice Rector / Lecturer, STT Migas Balikpapan, East Kalimantan - Indonesia
Core Modules:
International Graduate Center Bremen, Germany
Global Marketing,  Universitat De Valencia, Spain

What did you like about the schools/universities you studied at?

The dual program which I have taken Germany-Spain was a unique combination. The different culture in transfering knowledge between German-Cultural based and Spanish-Cultural based professors is fascinating. In addition to it, their way of delivering the theoretical knowledge to approach real case scenario has enriched my ability in assessing problems and finding solutions. In my first part of study, the subject of “Strategic Thinking” and “ Leadership”were very interesting and proven to be very useful to me. It has sucessfully broaded my prespective and indeed has given me a strong base in performing my job currently.

What do you do in your job?

In regard to my job, both as Lecturer and Vice Rector, the knowledge I have learned during study at IMBA has been an important capital. It helps me in delivering some business subjectsto students. At the same time, it assists me as a Vice Rector in managing the three departments under my responsibilities, which are General Administration, Human Resources, and Finance. In addtion to it, I am currently taking my PhD in the Department of Forestry Management of Mulawarman University. Finally, as my contribution to the society I am involve in some environmental concern activities.

Whom would you like to connect with in the Alumni Network?

I really like to have network with alumni that involve in ecotourism business, nature concervation and those who related with ecolabeling of forest product. It would be nice also to know some alumni who are involve in the business of renewable energy.

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Do You have questions about the IBSA Alumni network?

Don't hesitate to contact our IBSA alumni coordinator Rachael Reilly if you have any questions about the international IBSA Alumni network or the upcoming reunion.