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Choosing a specialization can be a challenge, considering it has a great impact on your future career.

A specialization that builds on your professional experience can be a good choice. Following the vocation for the career of your dreams is another good step for finding the perfect specialization for you and if a specialization inspires you and makes you feel passionate about a topic it might just be the right one.

When thinking about the specialization you should also consider your plans for a future career, the demand for professionals in the field of the specialization and the opportunities for a leading position in the business area. These regards can help you decide which specialization to study.


Cultural Diversity Plays an Important Role in the Global Business World

In today’s global business world, cultural diversity is not only a buzzword, it becomes more and more important to companies. It helps companies grow in other regions or countries, understanding and communicating with customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies, forming an understanding of the way business is done there and adapting to it. Embracing cultural diversity also means being able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and being open minded and creative, and therefore very employable.

With the IBSA Program you will learn a lot about cultural diversity from your international classmates, in some study modules and of course from the countries you are studying in. Learn more about the importance of cultural diversity in todays global business world.


You Don't Understand the Complicated Procedure of a Visa Application?

We will lead you through the process. Starting with the time factor, most countries will take three months to process your application for a student visa. Remember that you cannot start studying without a valid visa. Be the early bird! The procedure can be confusing. Different countries have different rules for their visa application. When it comes to the requirements of a visa on the other hand, many countries will have similar requirements.
The restrictions for staying in the country to seek employment after your graduation differs also between the countries.

We will lead you through the most important parts of a visa application and explain it to you step by step.

Visa Process

Where Lies the Difference between a Master and an MBA?

There are many differences between a Master's Degree and a Master of Business Administration. They evolved at different times in different academic environments and serve a different purpose. The Master of Business Administration is a great degree for people aiming at a business career, wanting to learn the practical side of things with professors coming from the business world. A Master's degree is made for people loving the theoretical side of things, analyzing problems and thinking their way around them.

We gathered all the important facts for you about these two degrees and the choices you have when planning your graduate studies, including the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program, where you can achieve both degrees in one year.

Master & MBA
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The Benefits of a Dual Degree Program

The concept of dual degree programs is a very innovative one, that becomes more and more popular among international students.

While studying a dual degree at two universities you can gain twice as much international experience, excellent business education and professional connections. Therefore, a dual degree will give you more employment opportunities in leading positions in global companies.

Since the program was tailored to the needs of international students by many excellent universities, you can be sure to receive the best business education.

Dual Degree
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Tips On How to Finance Your Dual Degree

Studying a Master's Program can be a big finacial commitment. Planning your budget for your dual degree and creating a savings plan can help you keeping an overview.

Studying in different countries means different currencies, saving your money in the currencies of your future study location can help you reaching your savings target. Some countries have free tax deductions on MBA tuition fees.

Many companies will help to finance their employers further education and create an employer sponsorship for their employees. Financial institutions see further education programs as a sound investments and may offer you attractive loan packages.

Finance Tips

4 Tips for Battling Homesickness When You're Studying Abroad

We want to give you 4 tips for coping with homesickness and culture shock during your study abroad, so you can enjoy the adventures and experiences awaiting you abroad.

You get to do great things while studying abroad, but sometimes the culture shock and the feeling of being alone comes along with studying abroad. International students form a wonderful community, supporting each other and listening, being able to understand each other because they experience the same situation. You will be part of this community while studying abroad and you can count on the community to support you if you ask them for help. Enjoying your home comforts, but also bonding with local people in mentor programs, can also help you to ease your homesickness.