What are the Advantages of a Dual Degree

We Show You How You Can Benefit From a Dual MBA and Master's Degree

Although the rewards for pursuing an MBA are great, it can be a big financial commitment. Not only do you have to pay tuition fees, but you must also have enough money to cover your rent, food, and other living costs for a year, as well any travel expenses you may have if you are studying abroad.

This can be very difficult for students, particularly if they have family to support or other existing commitments. However, there are ways you can make it easier on yourself, and most IBSA students find that with a bit of discipline and creativity they can comfortably afford their studies.

Dual Degree Employment

A Dual Degree Means More Employment Opportunities in Your Future

The biggest advantage of obtaining a dual degree is that it can dramatically increase your employment opportunities.

Organizations will instantly be impressed that you have chosen to take on the challenge of studying in two different countries within a year, and will be confident that you have knowledge of two important global markets.

As a result, you will find that there are plenty of lucrative, exciting opportunities available to you once you graduate, both in the countries where you have completed your studies and with international businesses operating all over the world.

Career Opportunities with a Dual Degree

A Dual Degree MBA Is Developed By More than One University

Another huge advantage of choosing a dual degree MBA is that the program has been developed with input from more than one university, meaning that each institution can bring their unique knowledge, strengths, and experience to the table, and develop a unique program that offers a diverse range of different perspectives.

This is especially true with IBSA’s program, which is developed and delivered by six top universities from six different countries. The program’s specially designed curriculum draws from the expertise of leading faculty members in each institution, and students also get the choice of a much wider range of specializations, with each university offering its own unique option.

The Dual Degree was created by multiple universities

A Dual Degree MBA Allows You to Explore Two Different Countries

An international MBA is also an opportunity to explore a new country and experience an entirely different culture. It can be a life-changing experience, and a dual degree program gives you the chance to do it twice!

By studying in two different countries during your MBA Master’s Program, you have the chance to see even more of the world, expanding your cultural and professional horizons and creating twice as many unforgettable memories.

IBSA students can choose to study in Germany, Russia, France, Spain, the USA, or the UK. These six incredible destinations each offer very different experiences and opportunities, meaning you can be sure that both of your semesters will be truly unique.

If you are considering working abroad after you graduate, the program will also give you the opportunity to try two possible employment destinations to see if they are right for you, as you get firsthand experience of the job market, working culture, and daily life in both countries.


Gain Twice as Many Professional Connections during Your Dual Degree MBA

Studying in two different countries can also be very beneficial for your professional network. You will meet new classmates during both semesters, meaning that you will have twice as many connections once you finish your degree.

In addition, IBSA’s programs are all held in cities with thriving international business communities. That means you will have plenty of opportunities to meet fellow professionals outside the classroom and expand your network even further.  

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