Two Countries - Two Degrees - One Year

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International business professionals are built from programs like the IBSA master

The IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program is a distinct initiative that uses a three-pronged approach:

2 countries + 2 degrees + 1 year = a prepared IBSA graduate with dual master’s degrees.

We offer our students the opportunity to choose between 6 specializations in 6 different countries to design their most valuable academic year, and we provide them with the skills and experiences needed to succeed in the competitive global business world. These 6 specializations are all unique and specific study options, based on a choice of 6 global locations, from which IBSA students can pursue their dual graduate degrees while participating in the one-year IBSA program.
Through the IBSA program’s focus on theoretical and empirical learning, our graduates groom themselves to be stellar international business professionals. Graduates can also expect to form important networks through interactions with our community of educators and business professionals.

The vigorous nature of this program best suits those who are self-motivated, ambitious, demanding, dedicated – individuals with these characteristics will be ready to meet the demands of the program and will be able to create the educational experience (and professional future) they desire with IBSA. As a result, our graduates can expect to leave the program more proficient as global managers, capable of identifying and evaluating diverse work environments and thus help to drive the course of global business.

IBSA Master

What Type of Students Pursue the IBSA Program?

The IBSA target group are ambitious students with an undergraduate degree in business administration, management, economics, or in a similar field. Since the IBSA program is a demanding one, we’re looking for dedicated students that are ambitious and willing to excel at their field. But not only studying hard is a quality our students should have, they should be able to connect with people from different backgrounds and live in a cultural diverse environment.

You think this fits your portfolio? Check out if the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program would be the right program for you and learn more about the IBSA target group.

Target Group

Do You Want to Know Which Degrees Our Partners are Offering? You Can Choose from Six Different Degrees!

The IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program is a joint project of six international universities around the globe (France, Spain, Germany, Russia, UK, USA) custom-tailored to the needs of international business students. IBSA offers you six different business specializations and six different MBA and master’s degrees. There are some differences between an MBA and a master's degree. With our dual degree system you can have both - an MBA and a Master's degree.

Check out the accreditation and degrees of our six international partner univerisities before you choose your two study locations.

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Why Should You Study Your Dual Degree With IBSA?

The IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program is a joint program of six international business institutes. It goes without saying that the IBSA stresses on business knowledge, but that is not the only important founding stone of the IBSA. We place great importance on cultural competences and the international experience, helping our students to grow as a person and to become a business professional with a worldwide network and great chances in their future employment.

We want to invite you to take a closer look at our Dual Degree Master’s Program and the  founding stones of the IBSA.