It Takes A Special Individual to Pursue Our MBA and Master's Program … That Just Might Be You!

Because the IBSA program is so unique, it attracts (and produces) candidates who are also extraordinary.

"Learning From Each Other"

Tammy Hunt, Program Director of the IBSA program at UNCW, on the international student body of the program.


"Expand Your Horizon"

Robert Sheldon, associate professor at one of our IBSA partner universities, identifies the program's distinctive features.


Who are we looking for in our MBA & Master's Program?

Our IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program is a demanding one. We are always looking for individuals who are prepared for and excited about the academic and personal demands they will face. Students best qualified for the IBSA program are those who have an undergraduate degree in business administration, management, economics, or a similar field and at least one year of professional experience. From this qualified group, we recruit motivated individuals from all over the globe who have diverse cultural, geographical and professional backgrounds.

Our students often exhibit many important qualities for success: they are ambitious, dedicated, knowledgeable and competitive in order to achieve a prosperous career; they are also cosmopolitan, worldly, and adventurous with the understanding that taking an interest in and understanding other cultures will only expand their horizons and broaden their perspectives to better communicate with the world around them. Based on these attributes, our students are ready to “do the work”: they are ready to work hard and achieve their goals in order to positively change the course of their career.

The demographic makeup of our applicants include young, professional businesswomen and businessmen, those having international experience, individuals who are eager to obtain an MBA or other master’s degree and well-educated individuals demonstrating very strong skills in English.

Students in the IBSA program can expect great achievements: a high-quality education focused on an array of skills including professional management, global economic business and international marketing; improved language skills and increased sensitivity to cultural diversity through the international study experience; and an overall improvement of their curriculum vitae. The achievements gained through the program will prepare our students for leadership roles in their chosen future.

If this sounds like the program for you, we are eager to hear from you today!

A girl with black hair

Cin Dy Ee, China

I've gained many cultural experiences, knowledge and skills during my time in the IBSA program. It's a great program for anyone who is interested in pursuing a master's degree in business while living abroad.

A man with a suit and blond hair.

Metthew Faulkner, USA

The IBSA program provided me a way to live in and amongst a variety of cultures; opening my eyes to a vast array of experiences. It is an opportunity second to none.

What Background Do I Need?

We seek prospective students who hold a bachelor’s degree in such fields as business, management, finance, or economics. Read on for even more details about the requirements of the IBSA program.


Two universities - two degrees!

Choose two locations from three continents for your international and educational experience: Hertfordshire in Great Britain, Wilmington in USA, Bremen in Germany, Paris in France, Valencia in Spain or Moscow in Russia - your choice!


What Should I Specialize In?

Choose from a range of specialized fields of study from one of our six partner universities around the globe. Study with students from all over the world, expand your global business network and acquire manager competences.