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Why studying the IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program?

Because we offer you the world in two business degrees!

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Your dual master’s degrees and international experience will set you a step ahead of other jobseekers. This program is specifically designed to help you develop the distinctive competences required to operate as a top manager within a global business environment – you can expect to enhance your aptitude in an array of business categories such as powerful decision-making capabilities, leadership skills in an ever-changing business world, sensitivity to diversity in all its manifestations and professional management along with capabilities in bilingual or multilingual work settings. In a globalized business environment, we offer you the right combination of academic development, intercultural awareness, and business acumen necessary for you to to excel in your career trajectory.

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The range of choices we offer in specialized business training will help you build extensive and valuable knowledge for international business in areas such as finance, marketing, or human resource management. The courses will help you build your capabilities in critical reasoning, strategic analysis, entrepreneurship, strategic planning and development, and ethical issues, to name just a few compelling skill sets. You will leave the program confident in your ability to work and lead effectively in multicultural teams, evaluate and manage challenging situations and to provide effective problem-solving solutions.

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Networking is a fundamental element of any successful business endeavor. Our academic leaders, program managers and fellow students can be considered some of the most stellar contacts our graduates can anticipate adding to their network pool. Your year within the IBSA program will offer you a number of great opportunities for future contacts. You will build a network of experts and entrepreneurs in a variety of professional fields. Experts will offer their expertise and guidance as you develop your own future in international business as a result of your time in the IBSA program.

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Cross-cultural awareness, and the adaptability inherent in living abroad, is at the heart of the IBSA program. Your international experience will set this one-year international business program apart from others. It proves your ability to adapt to any possible scenario and to function effectively against any challenge. You have gained confidence and functioned effectively in an international setting. We provide you a supportive environment in which to pursue your graduate degree while you are simultaneously increasing your competitive edge by spending time abroad. Viewpoints on cross-cultural and ethical sensitivity are integrated into the educational training of the program as well. Our graduates are effective global “change makers” through their international education.

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Studying in two different countries and thus encountering one or more new culture gives you an excellent chance to communicate and live in both environments successfully. The master’s degree offers this experience by providing exchanges between the different universities and allowing you to interact with students from other nationalities and cultures. Integrated diversity is intrinsic to the philosophy of our global network and a major initiative for our international alliance – we want our students to value their experiences in other cultures and to appreciate the importance of intercultural sensitivity and understanding.

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Graduates of the IBSA program are prepared both professionally and personally to hit the ground running – they are ready to tackle the international business environment through a comprehensive and demanding one-year degree. Our graduates often find they are more mature and better able to cope with stress and change, they are more thoughtful about cultural differences, better capable of functioning successfully in a fast-paced business setting, they are focused on lifelong learning, and they demonstrate the capacity to provide creative and innovative solutions and ideas.

Robert Has Faith in Our Program’s Unique Qualities.

Robert Sheldon, the course director of Novancia, gives an insider’s perspective on the exceptional characteristics and distinct quality of the IBSA program – namely, he highlights the focus on substantial global experiences for our students as well as an emphasis on the development of critical research aptitudes. He stresses that the critical nature of these elements pushes our graduates to excel and helps prepare them for future professional success.

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David Anderson, USA

The IBSA program provided for me a learning environment both academically and socially. The higher my position rises in my company, the more important the people skills I have gained from my interactions in the IBSA program have become.

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Area Supervisor and 2nd Generation Owner/Operator at McDonald's Corporation, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Core Modules:
University of Hertfordshire
International Finance and Investments, UNCW, USA

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Learn about the program’s history, its collaborative mission and a wealth of other important details behind this significant international academic experience.


Supporting our students

The IBSA Dual Degree Masters Program has many unique qualities and values. We place great importance on the well-being of our students. Therefore we offer the IBSA support system and our partner universities offer support institutions for international students.

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Discover the IBSA Alumni network

Due to our international dual degree program we have alumni from all over the globe. Connect with our graduates and expand your international business network. Become a part of the global IBSA alumni network.

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