Four Career Benefits of Pursuing an MBA with a Management in Emerging Economies Specialization

Prepare for the Business World of Tomorrow by Studying Management in Emerging Economies

With unprecedented economic growth, increased spending power, and a rising demand for skilled workers, emerging markets like Russia, China, and India are becoming more and more important to the overall global economy.

Operating in emerging economies can bring tremendous rewards, but also great risk, and businesses looking to establish themselves in these countries need professionals with real expertise to help them navigate these unfamiliar and evolving markets.

IBSA’s Management in Emerging Economies MBA specialization, which is offered at the Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA (IBS) in Moscow, provides the ideal preparation for students looking to work in this exciting area.

1. Organizations in New Markets Face Unique Business Challenges

Because the business infrastructure of emerging economies is less developed than the traditional leading markets like the USA and EU, organizations face a number of unique challenges when looking to establish a presence in these countries.


Government regulations, a lack of qualified workers, and economic uncertainty can all present problems for international companies, and they need executives with specialized expertise in these areas to help ensure their success.


IBS’s Management in Emerging Economies specialization gives students the perfect preparation for these roles, helping them to understand the economic and regulatory landscape of emerging markets, and develop effective strategies for businesses looking to expand into new regions.

2. Working in Emerging Economies Can Be Very Rewarding

Working in emerging economies can be an incredibly exciting and personally rewarding experience. You could find yourself helping to establish international offices for your organization, bringing new products to specific markets, or even building entire new business operations from the ground up.


These sorts of projects can give you a tremendous sense of achievement and personal satisfaction, as you play a crucial role in helping your organization to grow and prosper.


Your MBA Master’s Program will give you all the tools you need to accomplish these tasks, with specialized modules such as Innovation Management and Investing and Project Financing in Emerging Economies helping you to develop the skills to conceive, design, and implement projects in new markets.

3. Russia is the Perfect Location to Study Management in Emerging Economies

It is no accident that the IBSA’s Management in Emerging Economies specialization is offered in Russia. The country is part of the BRICS group of nations, along with Brazil, India, China, and South Africa, which are currently enjoying significant economic growth and increased importance in the global business world.


This means that students get firsthand experience of life in an emerging economy, gaining specialized knowledge of the Russian business environment and making valuable professional connections in the country. IBS also offers a number of elective modules which focus on specific sectors in BRICS countries, including  agriculture, energy, sales and distribution management, and the automobile industry.   

4. Your MBA Master’s Program Can Open Up a World of Possibilities

While your Management in Emerging Economies specialization will give you valuable knowledge of Russia and other BRICS countries, the management principles and techniques you learn during your degree can be applied to any emerging market.

As a result, the skills you acquire could take you almost anywhere, helping you to find new and exciting opportunities in a range of interesting and exotic locations throughout your career, as you work to help the emerging economies of the future to grow and develop.  And with the global business world becoming more diverse and international all the time, who knows where you will end up?

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Emerging Economies

This specialization is truly innovative, offering you courses like the Macroeconomic Policy and Investing and Financing for Emerging Economies.

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Study in Russia

The fast developing country and one of the most important economic powers is a great choice for your studies. It offers many opportunities to build up a business network.

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Institute of Business Studies

The IBS is part of the RANEPA. It is located in the beautiful city of Moscow, making it the perfect place to study emerging economies.


Study in the City of Moscow

Moscow is a buzzing metropolis. It is the political, economic, and cultural heart of Russia. It is truly inspirational with its many excellent educational institutions, museums, theaters and churches.

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