Four Career Benefits of Pursuing an MBA with A Human Resource Management Specialization

Human resource managers play a crucial role in organizations

People are the most important asset an organization can have. No matter what sector you are in, the ideas, expertise, and hard work of your personnel is crucial, and hiring and holding on to good employees can mean the difference between success and failure. 


Human resource managers play a key role in helping businesses do this, formulating recruitment strategies, dealing with employee concerns, and helping to develop a positive management culture to ensure their organization is a great place to work.


For IBSA students, specializing in Human Resource Management at The University of Hertfordshire can be a great choice, allowing you to develop skills and expertise that will make you an asset to any company.

1. There is always Demand for Human Resource Management Professionals

Human resource management is essential in every industry. Businesses of all kinds need to budget properly for staff, maximize productivity, and handle employee queries and workplace disputes. As a result, human resource managers can work for a wide range of different organizations, meaning you will have plenty of interesting options to choose from once you graduate.


The versatility of your qualification also means that you do not have to stay in a specific sector for your entire career, making it easier to adapt to changes in the job market and ensuring you can always find work.

2. Learn Modern Global Human Resource Management Best Practices

In the modern business world, human resource management has become increasingly complex. Today’s professionals can expect to have a variety of responsibilities, including creating company policies, putting together comprehensive benefits packages, and ensuring compliance with modern workplace laws.


The increased globalization of business can also provide a challenge, as human resource professionals can find themselves helping to manage the international expansion of companies, and dealing with employees and personnel from all over the world.


An MBA will give you all the tools you need to succeed in a modern human resources role, with modules in areas like Managing Across Cultures, Organizational Behavioral Theory, and Comparative Employment Relations.


The University of Hertfordshire is also renowned for its research in the international and comparative aspects of strategic people management, meaning you can be assured that you are getting the most up-to-date, expert training available. 

3. Human Resource Managers are Key Figures in International Organizations

MBA graduates who specialize in human resources often find well-paid, senior positions within international organizations, working as human resource directors, recruitment and developments specialists, or employee relations directors.


These highly specialized roles allow you to play an important part in almost every aspect of your organization, as you work with managers and executives in different departments to ensure all of their personnel needs are provided for, and help to shape the future direction and organizational policies of your company.

4. Develop Leadership and People Management Skills for Your Future Career

Because human resources is about managing people, professionals working in the area need to be strong leaders. They must be able to motivate employees, earn their trust, and communicate effectively to resolve disputes and issues.


Your MBA program will help you to hone these skills. Students have the option of completing elective modules in areas like leadership and management development and people resourcing, and gain insights into effective management techniques through case studies and creative group projects.  


This practice-oriented approach will give you the experience and expertise you need to really excel in a human resources role, and help you get your career off to the best possible start.

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