Four Arguments for Students to Specialize in International Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Experts as All-Round Talents

Entrepreneurship explores the core of a company, their corporate strategy and it is a main factor in a company start-up. As a graduate of a Dual Degree Entrepreneurship Program, you have the tools to follow international careers in consulting, business development and entrepreneurship and therefore a variety of career opportunities to choose from.


1. Start Your Own Company

Apply your academic knowledge directly to your own business. Starting an own company is the dream of many students. What motivates many entrepreneurs is that you are independent from others, that you have a constant drive for new creations. Working with passion and love for details are also key characteristics. Entrepreneurs don’t see risks as a bad thing but as an opportunity for personal and professional development. After graduating with this specialization you will be prepared to take the opportunity and start up your own business.


2. Consulting Others Can Be Rich in Variety

A career in consulting offers you diverse experiences and new insights in exciting companies and industries. Being in contact with business founders and managers promotes a broad personal and professional horizon. Consulting small start-ups and navigating them through the risks of starting a new company and developing a corporate strategy with business founders can be very rewarding. Or you can start your career in business consulting, helping global companies with their business strategy and navigate them towards international success.

3. Be the Manager of a Corporate Strategy Unit at a Global Company

The core of a company is often the entrepreneurial vision and strategy. When working for a global company, you can develop this vision and a successful strategy. But it doesn’t stop there when working on a corporate strategy, it is important to find well-functioning and profit-maximizing processes to implement the corporate strategy as efficiently as possible. Work in a team of talented people with the passion for entrepreneurial thinking.

4. Choose Between a Range of Job Alternatives in Different Sectors And All Over the World

The Dual Degree in Entrepreneurship doesn’t limit you to a certain business sector, a geographical location or even a specific career. Studying this specialization offers you a certain freedom and independence in your career choices. This might come with some uncertainty, but mostly with a world full of opportunities, only waiting to be taken by you. Enjoy studying this specialization with the knowledge that you can decide where, how and in what position you want to start your global business career.

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International Entrepreneurship

You are interested in topics like business development and innovation, decision-making tools and communication techniques? Then you should go for this entrepreneurship specialization!

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Study in France

Due to the close linkage between French universities and the French economy, France is a great location to expand your international business network while studying entrepreneurship.

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ESSCA School of Management in Paris

Every year about 3.000 students and trainees in further education arrive at the ESSCA. What is so special about this renowned business school? Come and see for yourself!

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Discover the city at the Seine

Located at the river Seine and in the centre of France, the city Paris is situated. The French life motto “enjoying the good life” attracts lots of international business students.   

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