Three Reasons MBA Graduates Who Specialize in International Marketing are Always In-Demand

Marketing Can Be an Exciting and Challenging Field

Are you looking for an MBA specialization which allows you to work in a range of different fields? Are you research and detail-oriented, but also able to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to business challenges? Do you like the idea of being able to shape your organization’s overall message and brand?


If so, the International Marketing specialization at the University of Valencia might just be for you. Marketing has become increasingly essential in modern business, driving growth, facilitating international expansion, and helping organization’s to promote a positive image of themselves to the public.

As a result, individuals with expertise in this area are finding more and more exciting opportunities in a variety of companies all over the world.

1. Specializing in International Marketing Prepares You for Many Different Roles

No matter what your skills are, you can find a role in marketing that suits your skills. Technically-minded individuals, for instance, might want to work in market research or product management and logistics, while more creative people may prefer a role in advertising, communications, or brand management.


Whatever you feel is right for you, an international marketing MBA will give you the tools to succeed. Through specialized modules in Integrated Marketing Communications, International Marketing Research, and Service Marketing Management, IBSA students build a high level of expertise across a broad range of marketing topics.

This versatile skill-set prepares you for a number of lucrative, senior managerial roles in every area of marketing, meaning you can choose a career path that will give you real personal and professional satisfaction.

2. International Marketing Experts Can Work in a Range of Sectors

Whether they are looking to attract new customers, develop new products, or break into different markets, businesses in all sectors need marketing. IBSA students who specialize in this area can find work in all kinds of different companies in fields like advertising, the media, financial services, and even public sector organizations.

The connections you make while studying in Valencia can also open up opportunities in the city’s growing manufacturing, construction, and export industries, as well the Mediterranean’s popular and highly desirable tourism and hospitality sector.  

The versatility of your qualification also means that you can easily transfer your experience and expertise to different sectors throughout your career, meaning you can always find secure work and better opportunities regardless of any economic changes or uncertainties in the market. 

3. Marketing is a Crucial Part of the Global Business World

As the business world becomes more global, organizations of all types are looking for opportunities to expand their operations in new and unfamiliar countries and regions. This means researching new markets, building new relationships, and formulating strategies to promote their products and services to new audiences.

Marketing specialists play a crucial role in all of these processes, helping companies to develop the strategies and processes they need to be successful, and ensuring that they maximize their potential.

Your MBA program will give you the skills to lead successful international marketing campaigns and strategies anywhere in the world, opening up countless possibilities for your future. And with the experience, knowledge, and connections you will build as you study in two different countries over 12 months, you will be ready to follow your career wherever it takes you.

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The Specialization International Marketing

This specialization teaches you everything you need in the creative business field marketing, using modern methods and interesting topics.

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