Four Ways an International Finance and Investments Specialization Pays Off for MBA Students

Finance can be a great area for MBA students to focus on

Do you have a good head for figures? Are you always on the lookout for new opportunities? Do you like the idea of working with organizations in a wide range of sectors? If so, pursuing an International Finance and Investments specialization might be the right thing for you.


Always a popular a choice with students, a finance-focused MBA program is an extremely versatile option which can open a variety of exciting and lucrative career opportunities for graduates.


The International Finance and Investments specialization is available to IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program students at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in the USA. Read on to learn what it can offer you.

1. Access a Range of Lucrative Future Career Opportunities

No matter what sector you are in, finance plays a crucial role in your business. Organizations need to be able to manage their accounts, protect and grow their assets, and calculate the risks and rewards of new business ventures.


As a result, specializing in International Finance and Investments can make you an attractive prospect to almost any employer. You could choose to work in investments, banking, or in a financial role at a company in any sector that interests you.

2. Develop Your International Finance and Investments Skills with World-Class Resources

Mastering finance and investments requires knowledge of a number of complex areas such as the securities, risk analysis, and the international futures markets. These challenging topics can seem overwhelming at first, with so much to learn and explore.


Fortunately, top MBA schools provide students with the very best resources to help them get to grips with their coursework. At UNCW, for instance, students enjoy access to a state-of-the-art financial trading room, Bloomberg terminals, and an experienced faculty of financial experts, giving them everything they need to reach the high standards expected of financial professionals.

3. Learn to Apply Financial Principles in a Global Business Context

During their International Finance and Investments specialization, IBSA students gain in-depth knowledge of the sector through modules like Portfolio Analysis and Management, Statistics and Econometrics, and Real Estate Management.

These highly specialized subjects build upon the core modules of your program, which explore fundamental business concepts like strategic analysis, human resource management and business law. This cross-disciplinary gives students a broad understanding of the relationship between finance and the wider business world, and allows them to apply their knowledge in a practical, real-world context.

4. Complete Your MBA Master’s Program in Some of the World’s Financial Capitals

As the world’s largest economy, and home to six of the top 20 cities in the Global Financial Centers Index, there is no better place to study finance in the United States. UNCW students can expect to benefit from valuable insights into the American financial sector, inside knowledge of the market, and excellent employment opportunities after graduation.



And since the IBSA master’s program is completed in two different locations, students also have the opportunity to study and live in other major financial hubs such as Germany, the UK, and Russia. This allows you to gain additional knowledge of other key markets too, further improving your future career prospects.


Once you graduate, you can use this experience to find work somewhere in the USA, return to your home country, or explore a new and unfamiliar destination. Wherever you choose, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities, with demand for professionals with financial expertise high nearly everywhere in the world.


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The specialization International Finance and Investments

This specialization teaches you financial management, portfolio analysis and real estate investment, preparing you for a career in the finance economy.

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Study in the United States

The USA offer you a great education system, since it's the birth country of the MBA it is perfect for studying your MBA. It is the melting pot for many interesting cultures and has beautifully diverse landscapes to explore.

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University of North Carolina Wilmington

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is very popular among international business studies and famous for excellent education programs.

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North Carolina Wilmington

The small coastal city Wilmington is charming international students with beautiful beaches that invite for a relaxed study break and a vibrant culture with jazz festivals and a thriving theater community.

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Course coordinator Candice Wilhelm will answer all your questions regarding your studies at the UNCW and the specialization International Finance and Investments. Contact her via our contact form.

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