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Four Ways an International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialization Pays Off for MBA Students

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an important part of business!

Whether they are suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers, millions of businesses all over the world depend on logistics and supply chain management professionals to ensure their products reach the marketplace quickly, cheaply, and in sufficient quantities.

While the career prospects in this area have always been good, recent developments in the modern business world have made demand for logistics and supply chain managers even higher, with shortages of qualified professionals in a number of key markets around the globe.

As a result, international logistics and supply chain management has become an increasingly popular MBA specialization, and IBSA is pleased to offer this option to students at the International Graduate Center Bremen in Germany. 

1. Logistics and Supply Chain Managers Enjoy Excellent Employment Opportunities

Logistics and supply chain managers control the movement of goods across countries and continents by land, sea, and air. This highly complex process requires expert knowledge of different markets, transport systems, and regulations, as well as excellent organizational and planning skills.

As a result, supply chain managers are viewed as extremely valuable assets by employers, and many companies offer highly competitive salaries for professionals with expertise in the field. 

IBSA students are ideally placed to take advantage of these opportunities, receiving training in a number of highly specialized areas such as project management, logistics networks, and international transport operations.

2. Logitics Play an Important Role in a Wide Range of Sectors

No matter what business you are in, it is likely that logistics and supply chain management is involved at some level. Any type of physical product you can imagine, from food to computers to building materials, moves through some kind of supply chain as it travels from its original source to the point of sale. Even service-based businesses rely on logistics to provide the supplies and equipment they need to carry out their work.  

As a result, specializing in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an extremely versatile option for MBA students. You can choose to work in organizations within the logistics sector itself, such as freight or warehousing companies, or apply for in-house roles at companies in whatever section you choose to manage, coordinate, and improve their logistics operations.

3. Get your MBA in a Truly Global Industry.

As the world has become more connected, companies of all sizes are more likely to do business in other countries, and need logistics services to ensure their products can be delivered quickly and efficiently. This has become even more true as e-commerce has grown, with companies across a range of industries now selling goods online to customers around the world.

The MBA specialization offered by IGC Bremen reflects this changing reality, with a number of modules that focus specifically on the global nature of the sector, such as International Maritime Transport, International Leaderships, and International Sourcing and Procurement Logistics.

4. Study your Logistics dual degree in Bremen, one of the most important logistics hubs in Germany.

As the country’s second largest port and one of Germany’s most important shipping hubs, Bremen is also the ideal place for aspiring logistics professionals to learn about the industry, with opportunities to grow your knowledge and make connections through field trips, guest speakers, and industry events. And because MBA students can stay in the country for up to a year after they graduate to look for work, you will be in the perfect place to start your career.

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International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Learn about international transport, project management and logistics network with this specialization, to prepare yourself for a career in the logistics business.

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Study in Germany

Germany is the perfect place to study your dual degree, it offers excellent education, high living standards and a cultural diversity. Take the opportunity to build a business network within europes largest economy while studying.

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The International Graduate Center Bremen

The International Graduate Center offers you many opportunities for personal and professional development. Expand your intercultural competences and optimize your business studies in Bremen.

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Discover the Old Hanseatic City Bremen

Though Bremen is a old hanseatic city, filled with history, it is a great place for students. Bremen has four higher education institutions and many young, talented people shape this vibrant city.


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