What Makes Studying in Paris So Special?

Paris is a famous city and has a lot to offer for international students

France’s capital city is the second biggest metropolitan area in the EU, located beautifully by the river Seine in the heart of France.

The cultural center of Paris is the home of many famous universities offering you a perfect academic environment to study your Dual Degree.

Many students dream of living in the city of light full of small cafès, lovely markets and an atmosphere that is absolutely unique.

Parisian Lifestyle

The List of Cultural Events is Endless in Paris

Paris is not only geographically the heart of France, it is also the cultural heart. It offers a big variety of cultural events. In the summer months, you can enjoy open air festivals, concerts and a wide range of vibrant night clubs.

For the daytime, you can choose between 160 museums, the Louvre with the Mona Lisa being the most famous of them and 100 galleries. 100 theaters and 650 cinemas await you in the city of love. It’ll never get boring in Paris, because even just strolling through the beautiful and atmospheric streets is an adventure.



Parisian Cultural Attractions

The French Food Is Out of This World

Food has a very high worth in the French culture and preparing food is part of the French culture. 10.000 restaurant call Paris their home, a variety you can’t image. Sitting outside a small restaurant in a warm summer night, watching people stroll by and enjoying a delicious meal with an excellent French wine is part of the Parisian routine.

The numerous Patisseries in Paris manufacture the colorful, delicate sweets called macarons. It is a must to shop there and try them when living in Paris.


Delicious French Food

It Offers International Students Many Opportunities for Their Free Time

Paris has many parks and gardens, inviting you to switch off during a study break, go for a run or indulge in a picnic with your friends.

Fashion always played a big role in Paris and you can shop in beautiful small fashion ateliers, boutiques, numerous second hand stores or the shops of famous French designers.

The offerings around sport in Paris are wide ranging. You can experience everything from the famous football club Paris Saint Germain, to the horseraces near the Arc De Triumph and the French Open to the Tour de France.

Paris is a very international city

The city of Paris is one of the most important trade and finance centers in Europe. The whole sale market Rungis, a food whole sale market is the most significant in the world. Paris is also known for its production of luxury goods. Due to its high concentration of national and international companies it makes one third of Frances gross domestic product. That makes Paris a perfect place to study an economic degree and building up a business network. The IBSA university in Paris, ESSCA, is located directly in a part of the Grand Paris Communauté Seine Ouest, which employs 100,000 individuals and is home to many corporate head offices. Which makes networking even easier.





The entrance of ESSCA School of Management.

Fascinated by the ESSCA School of Management Paris?

What is your opinion? Will Paris be your next destination to study international business? If we have aroused your interest, take a closer look at the renowned French Graduate School.

A man is sitting in front of his laptop on a desk and in the back are many shadows of business people.

International Entrepreneurship

Do you want to have further information about the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program at ESSCA School of Management? Get an overview of the specialization offered in Paris!

The skyline of Paris.

France - Discover the third largest economy in Europe

Hospitality, good food, high-value education and first class culture are mentioned when interviewing international students in France. Find out further benefits that you want to enjoy.