5 Reasons Why France Is A Great Location For Your International Business Studies

As Europe’s third largest economy, France attracts many international business students

1. France is an exciting place for international students

The French are famous for enjoying the “good life” that defines the French lifestyle.

Good food, warm Mediterranean weather, a great education system and a welcoming hospitable atmosphere make France very popular among international students.

The country shares borders with six neighboring countries, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Because of its geographical location it is an important trading partner within the European Union. France is a modern and highly-developed country with the third largest economy in Europe. Which makes it great for international business studies.

France Outside Café

2. International Students Enjoy the High Standards of French Education

Many of Frances business schools belong to the global elite and are highly regarded worldwide. The excellent education programs in France attract many international students, forming a wide international community.

Universities in France offer challenging study programs in an interactive environment. The French education system supports students in building their networks with future employees. An important aspect within the French education is the balance between theory and the practical implementation of the theory within interesting practice based projects, that prepare you for your global business career.

Education France

3. France Offers Amazing Opportunities to Travel for International Students

The French culture is famous for its attention to details, be it with their fine wines, delicious smelly cheese, delicate pastries or the melodic language. It is a joy to discover all the facets of the French culture, that differs in the individual regions. When travelling through France you can discover the fragrantly lavender fields in Provence, the French Riviera in the south or the beautiful mountain scenery in the north.

You don’t have to stop in France, since Europe is very well connected by train, bus or plane, it is easy to discover more of the diverse continent. The cultural richness and diversity of Europe calls to be explored and experienced.

Discover France

4. Enjoy the High Standards of Living & the Fine French Culture

The high level of education, high life expectancy and the fantastic quality of life make France an excellent living place. The French motto is often “quality over quantity”, this is reflected by the farmers markets, offering fresh food, the deep friendships the French cultivate and the attitude towards enjoying life, rather than living for your work. 

When studying in France you can be sure to live in clean cities with a great infrastructure.

Farmers Market France

5. Build Your Network & Discover the Business Opportunities France Offers

The French capital is a global business center and houses many major companies. The country has the biggest internal market in the world and produces and exports many goods, from cars, to aerospace technologies, wine, food and many luxury goods. It is also one of the world suppliers of agricultural and industrial products.

France is the perfect place to build up your global business network, since it is located at the economic heart of Europe. The steady interchange between the French universities and the French economy make France an ideal study location for students with a business specialization.



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