Learn about Russian Culture While You Study in Russia

Russia is one of the world’s most interesting study destinations for international students

Crossing two continents and eleven different time zones, Russia is the largest country in the world, so it’s probably no surprise that it holds so much for international students to discover.  Famous for its history, literature, art, food and drink, and scenery, there is truly something for everyone.


Not only that, but as the Russian economy continues to develop and grow, the country is becoming even more crucial than ever in a number of business sectors, with many companies now recognizing the importance developing a presence there.


As a result, choosing to study at RANEPA Institute of Business Studies Moscow (IBS) as part of your IBSA Master’s program can be extremely beneficial to your career, giving you a significant advantage in the jobs market while also offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience living in one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

Want learn more about what studying in Russia could mean for you? Read on to find out.

Explore Russia’s Fascinating History and Attractions

While you study in Russia, you will find reminders of the country’s remarkable and fascinating history everywhere you turn. From the colorful cathedrals and palaces of Tsarist Russia, to many historic sites, cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are full of interesting architecture, museums, and landmarks.


Living in Russia will also give you the chance to spend time exploring Russia’s proud cultural heritage. You can experience a performance of the famous Russian ballet, visit one of the country’s many beautiful art galleries, or learn more about famous Russian authors like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. 


Each of these unforgettable experiences will help you gain a deeper understanding of your new home and its residents, and help make your time in the country even more rewarding.

Discover a Country That is Rich in Cultural Diversity

Russia is truly multicultural society, and is home to over 200 different ethnic groups and 100 different spoken languages. International students are a big part of this cultural diversity, with over 280,000 currently enrolled in institutions around the country.


You will find a thriving international community in major cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, where many of the top Russian universities are located. This rich mix of people from different backgrounds makes Russia the perfect place for anyone seeking a career in international business to make new friends and valuable future connections.   

Russia is One of the World’s Most Important Economic Powers

It is probably very fitting that the specialization offered by IBS to IBSA Master’s students is Management in Emerging Economies. Russia is already the world’s 12th largest economy, and has huge energy and mineral reserves, which has resulted in thriving oil, gas, metal, and timber export industries.


Over the last few years, Russia is emerging as one of the leading global centers for technology too. The country’s excellent standard of education means they have a highly educated workforce, and are also heavily focused on research and development and technological innovation.


This has led to many international companies looking to outsource some of its activities to Russia, particularly in the IT industry, where it has become one of the fastest-growing markets in the sector.


Living and studying in Russia will give you the chance to make vital connections in these areas and learn more about how Russian business culture works, making you a great asset to employers in your future career.



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