Uncover Many Opportunities While Studying in Germany

Thousands of students come to Germany to study every year

Considering studying in Germany? You are not alone. The country is the third most popular destination for international students worldwide, with over 12% of students in German universities coming from abroad.

Germany’s rich cultural history and huge variety of things to see and do make it an excellent option for anyone looking for a rewarding new experience.  And with low tuition fees, excellent standards of living, and one of the best education systems in the world, it’s no surprise that thousands of students choose it as a study destination year after year.  

Read on to learn what international students in Germany can expect.

Make Connections in Europe’s Largest Economy

Germany is Europe’s largest economy, and has remained extremely strong even as other countries in the EU have struggled in recent years. The country is a global leader in financial services, manufacturing, and science and technology, and its highly educated workforce and business-friendly government policies make it a great place for multinational companies to do business.

For students, this means that choosing Germany as a study destination could be just the start of your adventure there. By working hard to build your contacts in this important market, you could open the door to many exciting opportunities with a range of employers. Additionally, students are allowed to stay in Germany for up to 18 months after they graduate to look for a job, so you will have plenty of time to explore your options.

Not only that, but your time in Germany will also make you more attractive to international organizations in your home country, who are always looking for qualified individuals with experience in the German business world.

A Multinational Center of Innovation and Research

One of the reasons for Germany’s recent economic success is its commitment to innovation and new ideas. The country’s efficient and open economy has led to it becoming a thriving center for entrepreneurship and technology. According to the most recent statistics, 36.5% of all patent applications filed in the EU come from Germany, more than any other member state.

German universities share this commitment to innovation, investing millions every year in research and development, making Germany the perfect place for any student who is passionate about new ideas and entrepreneurship.

Enjoy a High Standard Of Living While You Study

Even with a booming economy, Germany remains one of the most affordable countries in Europe. The average cost of living for students is as little as €800 per month, making it easy for you to get by while you complete your program.


German residents also enjoy a fantastic quality of life, with excellent public transport and infrastructure and clean, safe cities and towns, as well as mild, temperate weather.

Experience the Cultural Diversity of Germany

Studying in Germany will give you the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s most varied and interesting countries. As you work towards your qualification, you will have the chance to sample a German bratwurst, grab a beer at Oktoberfest, or catch one of Europe’s leading soccer teams in stadiums all around the country.    

An excellent choice for students considering Germany as a study destination is Bremen, which is located in the northern area of the country. Here, students can enjoy a city with incredible cultural diversity, history, and nightlife. Bremen is home to thriving academic and professional communities, and is also surrounded by beautiful, tranquil countryside, offering views of breathtaking landscapes. Students who pursue studies in northern Germany also have the chance to experience the Wadden Sea, a unique belt of the North Sea where you can walk from the mainland out to the Frisian Islands at low tide.  

With so many different things to do and see, Germany has something for everyone. And with other European countries like France, Italy, Austria, and the Netherlands just a few short hours away by plane or train, you never know what other adventures you might go on during your stay!

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Why should I study in Bremen?

Bremen is one of the most beautiful and liberal cities in Germany. Students value the historic city center, the lovely and wide countryside and the varied and vibrant student life.