Why You Should Pursue Studies in North Carolina Wilmington

Students will love Wilmington’s quiet and amazing beaches

If you are an international student, you may not have heard of Wilmington before. While it might be less well-known than other major locations in the USA, the small port city has just as much to offer as a study destination.


Situated on the Cape Fear River in the coastal southeastern region of North Carolina, the beautiful historic town has long been a popular tourist destination, with thousands of people enjoying its charming 17th century architecture, friendly atmosphere, and lush, sandy beaches.


And thanks to the presence of the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) - a world-class institution renowned for its superb faculty, state of the art facilities, and affordability - it's a great place for students too.


Many IBSA Dual Degree Master's Program students choose to spend half of their studies at UNCW's Cameron School of Business, either to complete the core modules in their first semester or to take the International Finance & Investments specialization later in their course.
Read on to find out why.

Students Enjoy Wilmington’s Vibrant Culture Scene

Despite being a small city, Wilmington boasts an incredibly vibrant Arts and Culture scene, with 39 art galleries and a thriving theater community. The downtown area is also home to numerous restaurants, wine bars, and clubs.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington hosts all kinds of events for students throughout the year. On campus, the school has its own movie theater as well as the Kenan Auditorium, a 1000-seat venue. The university also supports a number of student societies including various theater, dance, and music groups.

With the city also playing host to numerous festivals, including the North Carolina Jazz Fest and the Carolina Beach Music Festival, you'll always find something new and interesting to do.

Wilmington is Perfect for Students Who Love the Outdoors

One of the best things about Wilmington is the weather. The city’s subtropical humid climate results in short, mild winters and long, hot summers, meaning you’ll enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round.  

You’ll also find plenty of ways to spend your sunny days. Wilmington has several quiet, picturesque beaches where you can swim, surf, and scuba dive, with UNCW located just five miles from the fabulous Wrightsville Beach, while there are several great spots for walking, boating, and fishing along the Cape Fear River.

The Cost of Living in Wilmington is Low for Students

Not only is Wilmington a great place to live, it’s also very affordable. The cost of housing in the city is below the national average, and the real estate market is steady. Renting a one-bedroom apartment during your program could be as cheap as $600 per month, making it a much more practical option than larger US cities, where rising rent prices often make it difficult for students to get by while studying.       

Wilmington is Home to a Growing Startup Community

In recent years, Wilmington has also become a popular location for new startups, and those interested in studying the International Finance and Investments specialization as part of the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program will be pleased to learn that the city is home to a number of exciting up-and-coming   financial service providers, such as nCino and Live Oak Bank.


After visiting the city recently, venture capitalist Paul Singh said, “Wilmington is much further along than I was led to believe. As an investor I have to chuckle, because everyone thinks this is a vacation destination, a beach town, so I’m here seeing stuff before anyone else, and seeing that the company is good.”


This influx of fresh talent, ideas, and jobs makes Wilmington an ideal place to make connections and grow your business network while you study. And with new opportunities coming to the area all the time, you might not have to go far to find your next career move after you graduate.

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