Find Out Why You Should Study in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is both close to the city and has a beautiful countryside

Located in Southeast England just north of London, the county of Hertfordshire is one of the most desirable places to live in the country. Offering both a beautiful countryside and an easy commute to the capital, the area was ranked 3rd in a quality of life index study of the best places to live in the UK carried out by uSwitch in 2015.


Hertfordshire is just as appealing for students. The small town of Hatfield is home to the University of Hertfordshire, which is widely respected as one of the UK’s finest institutions with an excellent reputation for teaching and research.


The University of Hertfordshire is one of the locations that students can choose to study at as part of the IBSA Dual Degree Program, offering a unique specialization in Human Resources Management in addition to the course’s core modules.

Study at the UK’s leading Business-Facing University

Choosing to study at the University of Hertfordshire is an excellent choice for any ambitious business student. The institution prides itself on its business-facing philosophy, and even has its own Enterprise Team and Incubation Centre to support graduates looking to develop new start-up companies.


The university’s unique business-facing philosophy also makes it the ideal place to study Human Resources Management. The faculty’s wide range of experience developing and supporting growth in different business sectors makes it an expert in getting the very best out of people in a professional setting.

Hertfordshire is Just Thirty Minutes from London

Being close to London is often important for international students looking to study in the UK. Not only does the city offer unique culture, nightlife, shopping, and tourist attractions, but as one of the world’s most important business centres, making connections in the capital can be vital for your future career prospects.


However, London can also be very expensive, with higher rents and prices for goods and services. Studying at the University of Hertfordshire offers students a great alternative.


Located just thirty minutes from London in a quiet, affordable student town with a friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy all the personal and professional benefits of living in London whenever you like, without the extra living costs.

Explore the English Countryside

Despite being so close to the city, Hertfordshire boasts one of England’s most beautiful countrysides, proving that it really does offer the best of both worlds for students. You will find plenty of great spots for hiking in the Chiltern Hills in the north west of the county, as well as a number of beautiful nature reserves, river valleys, and woodland areas.


The University of Hertfordshire campus is also just a short drive away from a number of charming historic towns, including St Albans, where you can visit the town’s beautiful gothic cathedral before stopping at Britain’s oldest pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, for a drink.

Enjoy World-Class Campus Facilities and Accommodation

The University of Hertfordshire works hard to offer students the best possible study and living environment. You can choose from a variety of purpose-built student accommodations both on and off campus, with fully furnished rooms and 24-hour student support services.


The campus also offers great entertainment facilities. The Forum Hertfordshire venue includes a nightclub and 3 bars, with regular student events and concerts from top performers, while there are also several cafes and restaurants on campus where you grab a bite to eat at any time of the day or night.


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