Considering Studies in the UK? Learn Why It's a Great Idea!

The UK attracts thousands of international students every year

For many international students, the UK needs no introduction. The unique British history and culture, combined with the country’s well-established reputation as a global leader in education and industry, has long made it one of the most popular study destinations among students all over the world.

Read on to learn more about why studying in the UK might be the perfect choice for you.

Study in One of the World’s Most Important Global Business Centres

The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and the second largest in Europe. London is home to countless multinational companies with thriving employment sectors in areas as diverse as finance, technology, telecommunications, and much more. London is one of the most important business cities in the world.


For business students, who are equipped with a broad range of transferable skills that can be applied to almost any industry, this means that the potential career possibilities in the country are limitless.


If you would prefer to return home after you finish your studies, you will still find that being familiar with the UK business environment helps your employment prospects, with international companies in many countries always looking for employees with experience in the country.

Learn the Language of Business as You Improve Your English Skills

The Harvard Business Review has called English the ‘global language of business,’ with many international corporations increasingly adopting it as their primary language.

And while universities in many countries offer programmes taught in English, studying in the UK will allow you to practice your language skills in your daily life. This can help you improve your level of understanding immensely, and open the door to even better career opportunities after you graduate.

See Famous UK Tourist Attractions

Of course, studying in the UK will also give you the opportunity to see some of the most famous landmarks and tourist attractions in the world.

London alone has more famous landmarks and other points of interest than you could possibly imagine. You can see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, shop on Oxford Street, and catch a show in the West End all in one day, and still find yourself with countless other exciting places and things to see and do.

Being a full-time student in the UK gives you the chance to take your time to experience everything the city has to offer, particularly if you are attending a nearby institution like the University of Hertfordshire.

And if you feel like exploring the rest of the UK, you will find a number of other interesting locations waiting for you all over the country, including historic sites, beautiful countryside and unique cities and towns.


UK Universities Have World-Class Facilities and Programs

Universities in the UK are often regarded as the best in the world, and are noted for the quality of their research, faculty, and internationally focused courses that cover a range of specialised topics.

International students are also often impressed by the high standard of facilities, with many institutions investing heavily in everything from lecture halls to entertainment and accommodation to ensure every aspect of their student experience is second to none.

Students on the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Programme have the option of studying for one or two terms at the University of Hertfordshire, one of the UK’s leading universities located just thirty minutes from London.  

This unique location gives you the chance to make valuable connections in one of the world’s most important business cities and experience its many famous attractions, all while earning an internationally respected degree.

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Get your dual degree while studying in the UK

The University of Hertfordshire is one of the best business universities in the UK. You can study your core modules or your specialization at UH.

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Human Resource Management

The specialization Human Resource Management is offered by our British partner the University of Hertfordshire. Learn how to manage a company's most valuable asset.

Human Resource
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The charming student city is located just 30 minutes from London. Study in Hertfordshire where the benefits of world city and a beautiful countryside are combined.