University of València, Spain

An International Master at an international university

A Unique Learning Experience in València

As an IBSA student, you have the opportunity to come to València and study the accredited degree program ‘International Master's Degree in Business Administration’ as the Spanish part of the IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program. After successful completion you get a Master’s Degree in International Business accredited by ANECA.

At the Universitat de València, you can specialize in International Marketing. There will be four modules:  Integrated Marketing Communication, Service Marketing, International Market Research, and International Distribution and Logistics. This four-pronged approach will ensure you  develop important strategic techniques that will be a competitive advantage after graduation.

The university starts taking applications in March. Here you get more information about the Spanish application and enrolment process. Save the date if you want to do the core modules in Valencia. If you’re interested in the marketing specialization, apply at one of the other partner universities to do the first semester there before you go to Spain.  

The online application tool might be slightly complicated. If you have any troubles, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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València and the University of València - A Long Tradition

The University of València (UV) is one of the top Spanish universities and looks back on a history of more than 500 years. It ranks fourth in Spain according to the Best Global Universities Ranking and has a considerable international focus, with 3200 incoming students and 1300 outgoing students per year. Of all the universities in Europe it receives the second most Erasmus students. An additional point of interest is the University of València Science Park: It encompasses six research centers and hosts more than seventy companies (mainly biotech and IT).

The Facultat d’Economia is the business department at the Universitat de València. It is following the UV’s mission to train competent professionals at European level and encourage prestigious research with international impact contributing to the development of our society. To meet this mission the Facultat d'Economia is offering modern teaching methods, a great business network and a richness of diversity.

València is third largest city in Spain. The mild Mediterranean climate and the proximity to the beach make it a nice place to live. In the old bed of the Turia river, there is a park that runs through the town. A mix of Roman, Moorish and Christian influences shape the local culture and architecture. The city is famous for the traditional festival Las Fallas which is celebrated every spring, as well as the futuristic Ciudad de las Artes y de las Sciencas.

Spend a semester living near the beach and get your Master’s Degree in International Business.

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International Marketing

Learn the timeless principles of marketing, as well as new techniques that will help you and your future companies to succeed.

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If you need any information about the University of València or its specialization, contact Ana Aroca-Mengual for assistance.  

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Virtual Tour of the UV

You are curious about the university of Valencia? Roam around the campus and get a feeling for Valencia with the virtual tour of the University of València.

Virtual Tour
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Study in Spain

Beautiful beaches, amazing food, a vibrant culture and a country full of history. Spain offers a great study experience for international students.

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Get to know València

You'll love living in this truly attractive study destination. Enjoy the historic buildings, the outdoor activities and the traditional Spanish dishes.

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Career Chances in Marketing

Marketing experts aren't just always in demand, they also work in a thrilling, fascinating and a continually evolving business field.

Career Benefits