Consider the Advantages of Studying in Spain

Many international students choose to study in Spanish cities like Valencia

With beautiful coastlines, breathtaking mountain landscapes, and unique historical cities, Spain is one of Europe’s most attractive countries, and the second most popular tourist destination on the continent.


Many visitors long to spend more time experiencing Spain’s wonderful culture and climate, and it’s no surprise that it is quickly becoming a popular international study destination, as students from all over the world jump at the chance to experience life in the Mediterranean paradise.


Read on to find out more about why studying in Spain might be the right choice for you.

Spain is One of The Most Affordable Countries in Europe for Students

Spain’s education system is one of the finest in Europe, with a number of top universities located all across the country. However, the cost of living is relatively low compared to other top study destinations, making it much easier for students.


Essentials like food, clothing, and healthcare are generally very affordable, while rent and entertainment can also be quite cheap depending on what you are looking for.  As a result, you can earn your qualification without having to worry too much about balancing your budget.

Enjoy Spain’s Beautiful Climate While You Study

One of the biggest advantages of studying in Spain is the weather. Students located in southern cities like Valencia can expect to enjoy around 300 days of sunshine a year, while even the more northern parts of the country enjoy hot summers and very mild, dry winters.


And with a host of beautiful beaches, countryside, and plenty of great outdoor spots in Spanish cities, you will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the sun during your time there.

Experience Spain’s Truly Unique Culture and Tourist Destinations

Spain is full of amazing places to discover. Historic cities like Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid offer amazing architecture, nightlife, and cultural attractions like museums and art galleries. The Mediterranean coastline is full of superb beaches and resorts, while the countryside is full of historic sites, lush green landscapes, and charming villages in areas like Granada and Andalucía.


Spain is also famous for its ‘fiesta’ culture, with a number of famous festivals and other events taking place all around the country throughout the year, such as the Bull Run in Pamplona and the annual Las Fallas festival in Valencia.

Studying in Spain Could Help Your Business Career

Of course, there is much more to Spain than just soaking up the sun and having a good time. The country has a thriving business sector, with its own very distinctive culture and practices. For instance, it is still quite common for some businesses to take three hour siestas during the day, while family owned businesses are also more common in Spain than other parts of the world.


Gaining knowledge of unique aspects of Spanish business culture like these can be a valuable asset for your future career, making you a more attractive proposition to employers seeking to do business with Spanish companies.


Learning some Spanish during your studies could also be helpful, as it is the second most spoken language in the world, and is becoming increasingly important in today’s global marketplace. 


As part of their IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program, students have the chance to spend one or two terms on Spain’s beautiful east coast at the University of Valencia, where they can take the core modules of the course or the International Marketing specialization offered by the university.


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Curious about the University of Valencia?

Join us one or two terms in the beautiful city Valencia. Experience high class education and an amazing student life with many leisure opportunities!

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Do you see your future career in Marketing?

Specialize in international Marketing at the University of Valencia. Learn how to build brand loyalty and create international marketing campaigns.

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Valencia is a city with many different faces

Valencia is not only the home of the famous and delicious dish Paella, but also a city where culture, sunshine and history meets.